Grid Computing Articles

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Simulation Demonstrates Performance [01-Jan-2011]
by Arup Nanda
Use Oracle Exadata simulation in SQL Performance Analyzer to help predict how your application will perform on Oracle Exadata.

Why an Application Grid? [11-April-2009]
by Adam Messinger and Mike Piech
"Much remains to be done at the application server layer," according to Adam Messenger and Mike Piech in this SOA Magazine article. "One area ripe for innovation is the ability for application server instances to work together to enable more rapid deployment of new applications and hardware while at the same time improving the utilization of underlying physical resources."

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Architecture for Very Large Sites [27-March-2009]
by Porus Homi Havewala
Need to guarantee high scalability for Enterprise Manager Grid Control? This architecture, described by Oracle ACE Director Porus Homi Havewala based on real-world experiences, may be for you.

Connecting the Java World to Grid-Enabled Databases [December 2008]
by Kuassi Mensah
Oracle's Kuassi Mensah outlines a set of challenges that JDBC faces as the database connectivity layer within enterprise grid environments.

Understanding TopLink Grid [8-Oct-2008]
OTN Technical Article
This introduction to Oracle TopLink Grid includes three configuration scenarios for integration with Oracle Coherence.

Distributed processing to boost performance at online book marketplace [18-Aug-2008]
by Rich Seeley, for, a Canada-based online bookstore, has turned to dynamically partitioned data in-memory across multiple servers to handle the complex transactions such online marketplaces can entail.

How the Other Half Does Online Bookselling [18-Aug-2008]
by Derrick Harris, for On-Demand Enterprise, an online marketplace for new and used books, is utilizing Oracle's Coherence data grid solution in order to improve the online shopping experience, as well as to ease backend operations.

Oracle Grid-based Virtualization Reference Design [26-Jul-2008]
by Roddy Rodstein
This article introduces Oracle Grid-based Virtualization and walks through the development of a reference design used to deliver Oracle business applications on commodity x86/64 hardware.

Next-Generation Grid-Enabled SOA: Not Your MOM's Bus [7-Jan-2008]
by David Chappell and David Berry, for The SOA Magazine
This article challenges traditional applications of message-oriented middleware (MOM) for achieving high levels of quality of service (QoS) when sharing data between services in an enterprise service bus (ESB).