Hands-On Java EE 5

By Rick Palkovic and Mark Basler, September 2006  
Hands-On Java EE 5 articles describe how to develop advanced web applications with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5) and open source tools and technologies.
Implementing Ajax Functionality in a Legacy Web Application

The first articles in the series show how to implement Ajax features in an existing application that was developed in the NetBeans IDE.

Learn About Ajax

See the article Ajax Design Strategies by Ed Ort and Mark Basler for valuable background on the motivation for using Ajax and the techniques available for implemention.

The application used in these articles is derived from the Duke's Bookstore application, included in the Java EE 5 Tutorial. The application has been extracted from the tutorial for use in these articles.

The series implements Ajax with increasing levels of complexity:

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