Come to the SunNetwork Conference and See the Future Clearly


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Things are changing fast: the economy, the business demand for applications, and application development tools. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for all these changes is to jump into the middle of the biggest, most relevant industry conference you can attend. For Sun developers, that's the SunNetwork Conference, September 16-18, 2003.

Not long after you walk through the doors of the Moscone Conference Center in San Francisco, you'll be able to experience the newest advantages Sun developers will have to deliver a fully integrated IT enterprise.

Project OrionSun Developer Network

Check out the end-to-end reference application in the Sun booth and visit the conference session, "Developing to Project Orion -- Sun's Integrated Software System (TS-1370)." It'll give you a close look at the Project Orion reference application and a preview of the Project Orion Developer Tools.

You may want to attend two additional sessions: "Project Orion: A Technical Introduction (POR-1181)" and "Project Orion: What the Industry Really Thinks (CS-1271)." Plus, there will be several other Project Orion sessions at the conference.

There's good news for Java software developers, too. In the session called "Project Rave: Architectural Principles for Simplified Java Technology-based Application Development (TS-1557)," you'll hear from the architect and principal developer behind Project Rave, Sun's new development environment.

And if you're ready to move ahead to increased functionality with the Java 2 Platform, you might want to check out a session called "Developing and Deploying Java Technology-Based Web Services with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE platform) 1.4 SDK (TS-1383)."

Improved security is also a hot topic for this conference, and developers can choose from several technical sessions to stay ahead. You might round out your view with a look at the "Future of the Sun ONE Architecture (TS-1008)."

As you head home -- armed with your newfound knowledge of Sun's roadmap -- you can start strategizing about how to make use of the most potent resources and technology available to Sun developers.