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The developer content you need is now where you need it, when you need it: on your desktop. That's the benefit of Sun's free, Developer Content Syndication Program, offering up-to-date headline feeds for such developer content as articles, latest downloads, tutorials, and code samples.

The popularity of RSS feeds seems to be taking off, especially in the developer community. Developers who are too busy to view all the latest news and articles from throughout the web are getting this content delivered to their desktop. The XML-based news feed technology is called RSS, short for Rich Site Summary (or how about: "Really Simple Syndication"). RSS is very well-suited for syndicating headlines from sites that frequently post such new content as news stories, weblogs, and changes to wiki pages.

You can set up an RSS-aware news reader client on your computer to automatically notify you of news features from across the web, filtered for your particular interests. Independent RSS readers -- such as FeedReader, AmphetaDesk, and NewsGator -- serve as the content client with filtering functionality.

RSS: Multiple Choices

RSS is a format that began with a not-so-popular version created by Netscape. There are now several improved releases that are commonly used by RSS developers and content providers, each for somewhat different purposes, as outlined in an O'Reilly Network article, "What Is RSS?" At this time, Sun is using RSS version 0.91.

Get Started Now

One big benefit of the program is that it's easy to get started. Just go to the Content Syndication Program page at Java and follow the instructions to get started. Choose the feed you want and add it to your newsreader to start receiving news.

If you have questions, or if you are interested in our additional content syndication partner program opportunities, go to the Sun Developer Network Content Syndication Program information page, where you'll find an RSS FAQ, instructions on getting started with RSS, and contact information for questions and comments.

Please let us know how you like the service and how it can better serve you. Feedback is welcome.


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