Time-Zone Changes for Western Australia Begin December 3, 2006

November 2006  

After 30 years of debate, the Western Australian government decided on November 22, 2006, to begin a three-year trial of Daylight Savings Time starting two weeks later, on December 3, 2006. This change will put Western Australia, whose capital is Perth, in line with most other Australian states and territories.

As a result of the change, Java technology-based applications using time or time-zone functionality will report the incorrect time beginning December 3, 2006, unless developers make the appropriate adjustments.

For more details of the types of problems that you may encounter, read the description of changes in Australia's Daylight Savings Time for the March 2006 Commonwealth Games.

How to Fix the Problem

Because this change will take place in only a few days, customers should contact their Sun Services representative, who will coordinate access to an appropriate fix:

Within Australia, call 1 800 555 786.
In the United States, call 1-800-USA-4SUN.
For all other countries, find the appropriate contact information on the Sun Services Technical Support Centers site.
For More Information

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