Pre-built Virtual Machine for Exploring Network Virtualization With Oracle Solaris Zones on Oracle Solaris 11 Express


Please note that this appliance is for testing purposes only, as such it is unsupported and should not to be used in a production environment.

This virtual machine is designed to accompany the Oracle white paper, Exploring Network Virtualization With Oracle Solaris Zones on Oracle Solaris 11 Express. This virtual machine is pre-configured with Exercise 2, Network in a Box, complete.

All you need is to install Oracle VirtualBox on your desktop/laptop and import the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Network Virtualization appliance - no installation and configuration required!

The following software is installed on this VirtualBox image:

  • Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11
  • The network virtualization configuration scripts listed in appendix A of the white paper


  • Operating System: Any
  • RAM: 2GB+
  • Disk: About 5 GB free
  • Required Software: VirtualBox 4.0 or later


Step 1. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your host system.

Step 2. Download the OracleSolaris11Express2011_11_Network.ova. This MD5 checksum of this file is 51907a943fa36c00b21143bcb1da86ae.

Step 3. Import your VM: File > Import Appliance to launch Appliance Import Wizard. Click Choose... to browse to the OracleSolaris11Express2011_11_Network.ova file that you downloaded. Then click Next > to begin importing the virtual machine. Adjust the RAM to be no more then half of your the physical RAM on your host.

Step 4. Start your VM: Once the import has completed, double-click the VM. You will be automatically logged in as user oracle. You will be greeted with a welcome page covering other pertinent details of the VM.

Once you are finished working in the guest VM you can shut it down via System > Shut Down; this will return the guest VM to the Powered Off state.