SOA Best Practices: The BPEL Cookbook

Learn advanced BPEL concepts and best practices for development, deployment, and administration from the architects implementing them in real-world applications.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is creating a lot of buzz across the IT industry. Propelled by standards-based technologies like XML, Web Services, and SOAP, SOA is quickly moving from pilot projects to mainstream applications critical to business operations.

One of the key standard accelerating the adoption of SOA is Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) for Web Services. BPEL enables organizations to automate their business processes by orchestrating services. It forces organizations to think in terms of services: Existing functionality is exposed as services. New applications are composed using services. Services are reused across different applications. Services everywhere!

In this cookbook, 10 SOA practitioners share their SOA best practices and provide practical viewpoint to tackle many of the common problems SOA promises to solve. It's organized into three sections: "Service Oriented Integration," "Building Modern Applications," and "SOA Techniques." Sections 1 and 2 will "inspire" you to take the plunge into the world of services and test-drive SOA yourself; Section 3 will "equip" you with best-practice techniques for building a better SOA application.

We hope you enjoy it!

Edwin Khodabakchian, VP, BPEL Development
Dave Shaffer, Director Product Management, Oracle BPEL Process Manager
Harish Gaur, Group Product Manager and "BPEL Cookbook" Editor
Markus Zirn, Senior Director, Strategic Customer Program

Section 1: Service-Oriented Integration
Praveen Chandran Arun Poduval Adding BPEL to the Enterprise Integration Mix
Leverage the orchestration capability of Oracle BPEL Process Manager to enable standards-based business process integration that complements traditional EAI middleware.
by Praveen Chandran, Midwave Corporation; and Arun Poduval, Infosys
Lawrence Pravin Integrating PeopleSoft CRM with Oracle E-Business Suite Using BPEL
A step-by-step approach for integrating PeopleSoft 8.9 CRM with Oracle Applications 11i using BPEL
by Lawrence Pravin, Product Manager, Process Integration Packs, Sierra Atlantic Inc.
Yves Coene The Hoa Nguyen Building a Web Services Network with BPEL
A case study of how the European Space Agency used BPEL scopes, BPEL domains, and the Oracle BPEL Process Manager API to build a partner-friendly Web services network.
by Yves Coene, Project Manager, Spacebel s.a.; and The Hoa Nguyen, Senior Software Engineer, SDC
Section 2: Building Modern Applications
Kevin Geminiuc A Services-Oriented Approach to Business Rules
Learn how to reduce maintenance costs and improve organizational flexibility through a services-oriented approach to business rules development and management.
By Kevin Geminiuc, Senior Software Architect, Policy Studies Inc.
Doug Todd Building Rich Internet Applications for Workflow and Process Monitoring
Create a real-time workflow and advanced process activity monitoring dashboard by extending Oracle BPEL Process Manager APIs.
by Doug Todd, CTO, Enterra Solutions
Jerry Thomas Building BPEL Process on the Fly
Generate BPEL processes on the fly by transforming parameters stored in the database into a BPEL XML definition file via XQuery.
by Jerry Thomas, Chief Architect, Centerstone Soft
Section 3: SOA Techniques
Sean Carey Making BPEL Processes Dynamic
Learn how to achieve dynamic binding by manipulating endpoint references at run time.
by Sean Carey, Architect, SPS Commerce
Matjaz Juric Using WSIF Integration
Learn how BPEL processes can natively access Java classes, EJBs, and other J2EE resources using WSIF.
by Matjaz B. Juric, University of Maribor
Michael Cardella Jeremy Bolie BPEL with Reliable Processing
Learn how to build a reusable, highly reliable business process using BPEL.
by by Michael Cardella and Jeremy Bolie, Qualcomm Inc.
Stany Blanvalet Managing a BPEL Production Environment
Learn how to automate common admin tasks in a BPEL production environment using BPEL Process Manager's API and Dehydration Store.
by Stany Blanvalet, BPEL and J2EE consultant