Inside Oracle Database 10g

Oracle Database 10g: Top Features for DBAs
Release 2 Features Addendum
by Arup Nanda

Oracle ACE Arup Nanda presents his list of the top Oracle Database 10g Release 2 features for database administrators

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Part 1— SQL and PL/SQL Features
Covered in This Installment:
· Transparent Data Encryption
· XML Query
· Enhanced COMMIT
· Error-Logging Clause
· WRAP Package
· Conditional Compilation
· Unlimited DBMS Output

Part 2— Manageability Features
Covered in This Installment:
· ASM Command Line Tool
· Drop Empty Datafiles
· Direct SGA Access for Hung/Slow Systems
· Redefine a Partition Online
· Block Integrity Checking in Memory, Not Just on Disk
· Online Limit Changes
· Faster Startup
· Manage Multiple Objects in Oracle Enterprise Manager
· Automatic Segment Advisor
· Event-Based Scheduling

Part 3— Performance Features
Covered in This Installment:
· Hung But Not Paralyzed: Memory-Attached SGA Query
· Interruptible SQL Access Advisor
· Check for Tracing Enabled
· Activity Session History
· Optimizer Statistics Management
· Transporting AWR Data
· Compare Periods Report

Part 4— Data Warehousing and Integration Features
Covered in This Installment:
· Partition Change-Tracking Without MV Logs
· Query Rewrite with Multiple MVs
· Transportable Tablespace From Backup
· Quick Partition Split for Partitioned Index-Organized Tables
· LONG to LOB Conversion via Online Redef
· Online Reorg of a Single Partition
· Partition-by-Partition Table Drop

Part 5— Backup and Availability Features
Covered in This Installment:
· Oracle Secure Backup
· Dynamic RMAN Views for Past and Current Jobs
· Dynamic Channel Allocation for Oracle RAC Clusters
· Tempfiles Recovery via RMAN
· Flashback Database/Query Through RESETLOGS
· Flashback Database Restore Points
· Flash Recovery Area View

Arup NandaArup Nanda (, Manager Database Systems at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, has been an Oracle DBA for more than 10 years and was named "DBA of the Year" by Oracle Magazinein 2003. Arup is a frequent speaker and writer in Oracle-related events and journals, a member of the New York Oracle User Group Executive Committee, and an Oracle ACE. He co-authored the book Oracle Privacy Security Auditing (Rampant TechPress).