Sun Studio Chat Archive - 2004

Sun Studio Chat Archive

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December 7, 2004: JSP 2.1 Technology and JSF 1.2 Technology with Mark Roth and Roger Kitain

December 7, 2004: Upgrade Your Mobile Development Tool: Get the new release of Sun's Mobility IDE with Martin Brehovsky and Adam Sotona

November 16, 2004: NetBeans 4.1 IDE Early Access with Larry Baron, Ludovic Champenois, and Petr Jiricka

November 9, 2004: What's New in Swing? with Scott Violet and Shannon Hickey

October 26, 2004: Project Looking Glass with Hideya Kawahara, Paul Byrne, and Deron Johnson

October 12, 2004: New Language Features in J2SE 5.0 with Scott Seligman and Peter von der Ahé

September 28, 2004: with John Bobowicz and Chris Cheline

September 28, 2004: Creating Mobile Applications to Communicate with Web Services with Martin Ryzl and Petr Suchomel

September 23, 2004: Web Services Strategies with Mark Hapner

September 14, 2004: Java BluePrints for Service Oriented Architecture with Inderjeet Singh, Sean Brydon, and Sameer Tyagi

August 24, 2004: J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.2 with Ariel Levin, Jonathan Knudsen, and Cori Kaylor

August 17, 2004: What's Happening in the JCP? with Onno Kluyt and Aaron Williams

July 29, 2004: Fast Web Services with Rima Patel Sriganesh

July 27, 2004: Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.4 with Anita Jindal, Vinay Pai, and Ramesh Manadava

July 20, 2004: Sun Game Server Technology with Doug Twilleager

June 24, 2004: Java Studio Enterprise: Web Application Framework with Craig Conover

June 15, 2004: Sun Java Desktop System with Gary Little and Geoff Baysinger

June 8, 2004: J2SE Monitoring and Management Part 2 with Blake Connell, Mandy Chung, and Sanjay Radia

May 20, 2004: J2SE 1.5 Monitoring and Management with Blake Connell, Mandy Chung, and Sanjay Radia

May 18, 2004: JavaServer Faces with Ed Burns, Roger Kitain, Ryan Lubke, and Jay Visvanathan

April 28, 2004: Improving Developer Productivity with Sun Java Studio Enterprise with Robin Smith and Ashwin Rao

April 27, 2004: J2EE 1.4 SDK and Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8 with Tony Ng and Paul Ko

April 6, 2004: Open Source APIs for Java Technology Games with Athomas Goldberg, Jeff Kesselman, Daniel Petersen, and Ken Russell

March 30, 2004: What's New and Cool in NetBeans? with Ian Formanek and Larry Baron

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