Oracle ACE

Qualifications and Nominations

The Oracle ACE Program is designed to recognize and reward Oracle customers for advocating Oracle Technology and Applications. Oracle ACE recipients are chosen based on their significant contributions to, and activity in, their respective community. The program currently has three levels: Oracle ACE Associate, Oracle ACE, and Oracle ACE Director.

For more information, read the FAQ.

Oracle ACE Associate ACE Associate and ACE ACE Qualifications

To qualify for the Oracle ACE award, candidates should meet as many of the following qualifications as possible. Because Oracle ACE Associate is a baseline entry for new community members, candidates are required to have measurable activity in at least two of these areas:

  • Technical proficiency
  • Oracle-related blog
  • Oracle discussion forum activity
  • Published white paper(s) and/or article(s)
  • Presentation experience
  • Beta program participant
  • Oracle user group member
  • Oracle certification

Benefits of the program include:

  • Recognition on Oracle Web sites and events as program participants
  • Publication of articles and papers on OTN (with compensation)
  • Speaking opportunities at Oracle and/or 3rd party events 

Nomination Process

Anyone in the Oracle community can nominate a potential Oracle ACE or ACE Associate award; only non-employees may receive the recognition. As nominations are received the nomination committee will review them on a monthly basis. Award recipients will be selected based on their qualifications. Oracle reserves the right to final judgment on all nominations.


Oracle ACE Director Qualifications ACE

In addition to making their ongoing contributions to the community, Oracle ACE Directors are willing to work with Oracle more proactively to engage in opportunities to advocate Oracle Technology and Applications via publishing and event presentations. Oracle ACE Directors are also expected to provide constructive feedback to Oracle product teams.

Beyond the baseline Oracle ACE requirements, the qualifications include:

  • Track record of major contributions to the community, technical and/or community-oriented
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to commit to participation in an honorary (noncompensated) capacity for 12 months

In addition to those of Oracle ACE status, benefits include:

  • Direct communication with Oracle product teams
  • Annual briefing at Oracle HQ 

Nomination Process

Oracle ACE Director nominations are open to the public and are required to include at least three references – either Oracle employees and/or existing Oracle ACE Directors. Oracle employees are not eligible for nomination..

 Download Oracle ACE Director Nomination Form

All Oracle ACE Program participants are required to sign a Program Agreement. Oracle reserves the right to remove an individual from the program at any time if his/her activity is deemed inappropriate.

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