Get Published on Java Channels

Do you want to get recognition for your content, events, and activities in the Java community? If so, share your blogs, articles, learning resources, videos, screencasts, interviews, and more with Oracle Technology Network Java team. We are looking for Java developers, architects, experts, and event organizers to share Java related topics including programming, methodology, trends, events,  conferences and more.

Submission Types and Requirements by Online Channel

The Java Source blog
Send us an existing blog entry to be reposted or a short write-up of your blog with a link to it. New blog entries are also welcome. A picture is a nice add-on to an entry.
The common topics are events, training, interviews, articles and more.

Oracle’s Java Developer Newsletter

Send us content for any category of the newsletter, including news, events, technical articles, videos, and podcasts. The submission should be about 25 words long with a valid URL.

YouTube Java Channel
Send us your video, whether it is an interview, screencast, or training.

Oracle Technology Network team interviews speakers and attendees about Java technologies, community events and more at Java conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx in Belgium, England and France, and The Developer Conference in Brazil to name a few. The interviews are available on YouTube Java channel

Oracle Technology Network Java Website
Get your article published. Case studies, development tips and techniques, performance planning and tuning strategy about Java SE, Java EE, Java Mobile and embedded, SOA, JVM languages and open source scripting languages and security are of particular interest. 

Java Magazine
Submit a Java community news story about Java User Groups, JCP standards, Adopt-A-JSR program and more for the Java Nation section of the Magazine.
  • Submit a Fix This Java challenge about a Java topic you are familiar with.
  • The challenge can be about any Java technology, whether it is Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, or Java Embedded. Just follow these simple steps:   

  • State the problem, including a short summary of the tool/technique, in about 75 words.

  • Send us the code snippet, with a short set-up so readers know what they are looking at (such as, "Consider the following piece of code to have database access within a Servlet.")

  • Provide four multiple-choice answers to the question, "What's the fix?"
Give us the answer, along with a brief explanation of why.

  • Tell us who you are (name, occupation, etc.)

  • Email the above to JAVAMAG_US at ORACLE.COM with "Fix This Submission" in the title.

Submission guidelines

Authorization to Publish content (videos, articles, interviews, training and more)
When you submit content, you are stating the following:
  • The content was created solely by you (and you have the authorization of other contributors if applicable)
  • The content is an original work and you should let us know where it is published already
  • You authorize Oracle's use, modification, reproduction, and distribution of the content.

Submission and Editorial Process
Submit your content, proposal, or any questions to  indicating the channel in the subject line, for example “YouTube Java.” The content format should be in Rich Text Format (RTF), or .doc or mp4 for videos. Include your full name, and email address.  All submissions will be subject to editorial approval and revision

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