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By ACEs, For ACEs January 2013

Oracle ACE Spotlight Sheeri Cabral , Oracle ACE DirectorSheeriCabral

Sheeri K. Cabral has a master’s degree in computer science specializing in databases from Brandeis University and a background in systems administration. Unstoppable as a volunteer and activist since age 14, Cabral founded and organizes the Boston, Massachusetts, USA, MySQL User Group and is the creator and co-host of OurSQL: The MySQL Database Community Podcast, available on iTunes.

She was the first MySQL Oracle ACE Director, and is the founder (and current treasurer) of Technocation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization providing resources and educational grants for IT professionals. She wrote the MySQL Administrator’s Bible and has been a technical editor for high-profile O’Reilly books such as High Performance MySQL 2nd Edition and CJ Date’s SQL and Relational Theory.

Sheeri is an avid fiber lover and serves as treasurer of the Common Cod Fiber Guild. She spins, knits and weaves. She also loves to travel, and tries to pick up souvenir yarn when visiting a new country.

Oracle ACE Program News

Welcome New Oracle ACEs

Initiated January 2013

Name Location Focus
Hakan Biroglu Netherlands Apps
Luc Bors Netherlands OFM
Dominic Delmolino United States DB
Sadao Hiratsuka Japan MySQL
Osama Mustafa Hussein Jordan Security
Ray Smith United States DB

Oracle Excellence Awards 2012

Congratulations to ACE Directors Kai Yu, Technologist of theYear - Cloud Architect and Arup Nanda, Technologist of Year - Enterprise Architect. And, the award for Data Warehouse Leader of the Year- EMEA went to Oracle ACE Ferhat Sengönül.

Click here to see the list of all Oracle Excellence Awards 2012 winners.


OUG Scotland | June 12, 2013 | Linlithgow
Submission Deadline: Feb 22

DOAG Infrastructure and Middleware Summit | June 6, 2013 | Mainz
Submission Deadline: Feb 8

Latin America OTN Tour | Jul-Aug, 2013 | Various Cities in LAD
Contact Francisco Munoz Alvarez for more details.
Submission Deadline: TBD

Are you registered for RMOUG 2013?

RMOUG Training Days, Feb 11-13, 2013, is fast approaching so register here if you haven't already done so. There will be over 35 Oracle ACE and ACE Director speakers. View the full conference agenda.

OTN will be co-sponsoring with the RMOUG Board, the RMOUG Training Days VIP reception. All Oracle ACE and ACE Directors are invited and encouraged to participate. Details below.

Day/Time: Monday, Feb 11 from 6-9pm
Location: Rock Bottom Brewery Denver
Address: 1001 16th St, Unit A-100, Denver, CO 80265

IOUG SELECT Journal - Call for Content Q3 Issue

The Q3 2013 issue of IOUG’s SELECT Journal will be primarily focused on the new beta release of Oracle RDBMS. If you have a content suggestion and/or would like to submit an article, please visit the IOUG website for submission guidenlines.

UKOUG Oracle Scene - Call for Content Summer Edition

Share your customer stories, best practice, implementation/upgrade lessons learned or general tips that would appeal to fellow Oracle professionals. Send your content submissions to by April 12th to be considered for the summer edition of the magazine.

Oracle Press Discount for Oracle ACEs

Oracle ACEs get 40% off the latest Oracle Press book by Oracle ACE Directors Ben Prusinski and Gustavo Gonzalez, Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook, Third Edition in print and ebook format. Use promo code OTN2012 or OTNEBOOKS on

Interested in Writing?

If you have the enthusiasm for communicating technical ideas and concepts, have a valuable experience or a technical skill that you're keen to share with readers, you should give serious consideration to authoring a book or becoming a technical reviewer. Please contact for more details

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Oracle ACE Watch

OTN Yathra Tour 2013

India is a primary hub for information technology and a station for most software development centers and support centers for Oracle applications. The Oracle community in India comprise of over several thousand users. In a large country like India, such user concentration is not in just one location or one IT park, but spread across the length and breadth of the entire country.

ACE Director Murali Vallath, in conjunction with AIOUG (All India Usergroup), has organized the evangelist event "OTN Yathra 2013" Feb 15-27th. This "yathra" or tour will include a series of 6 conferences across 6 major cities in a time period of 2 weeks and will feature 8 Oracle ACE speakers.

The goal of the tour is to bring the Oracle community together, provide awareness and improve the level of knowledge, and to increase the networking between users in the region. The tour will also engage with recently graduated students who have completed their engineering degree to further educate those who are considering going down the IT career path. Read more here.

New Article: Beginning Performance Tuning: Active Session History

Arup Nanda, ACE Director, shares his article on identifying the root cause of performance issues at a precise point in the past—even when the sessions have disconnected.

New Articles written by ACE Director Lucas Jellema

- The AMIS White paper on Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - a 48 page summary (written in Dutch)
- ODTUG Technical Journal: Putting Your Mind at REST

- Oracle Cloud Bloud: The APEX of Business Value… or: the Business Value of APEX? Cloud takes Oracle APEX to new heights!

Other interesting posts by Lucas:

- ADF interaction with business service – an ongoing discussion
- ADF DVT: Visualizing valid periods using Project and Scheduling Gantt Charts
Advanced SQL to find valid periods – juggling with outer joins, running totals and analytical functions

New Article: How to migrate ocr and voting disk to new storage array (in Spanish)

In this article, Oracle ACE Enrique Orbegozo provides steps to move contents of disk group containing ocr, voting disk and spfile to new storage array with no downtime.

Blog Post : Oracle Database Parallel Execution

Read these interesting posts written by ACE Director Randolf Geist

- DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_CURSOR and Parallel Execution
- Details about the HASH JOIN BUFFERED operation that is specific to Parallel Execution
- Cost-Based Optimizer cardinality estimates when using the HAVING clause

Blog Post: Can Stateful Applications Scale?

Watch this screencast recording by ACE Director Adam Bien about load behavior Oracle's GlassFish Server.






Blog Post: Oracle BPM Process Accelerators (in Spanish)

A userful post written by Oracle ACE Rolando Carraso about Oracle BPM Process Accelerators and how Oracle has not only provided packed processes, but also a methodology, a set of best practices for deploying Oracle BPM processes.

Blog Post: Middleware on the Oracle Database Appliance?

Hot off the press here's a write up by ACE Director Simon Haslam about the new virtualization platform on the Oracle Database Appliance, including some thoughts as to how it may be used for Fusion Middleware infrastructures.


Blog Post: What is Oracle Direct NFS? How To Enable It?

This post written by Oracle ACE Talip Hakan Ozturk describes how to enable Oracle Direct NFS and provide faster and more scalable access to NFS storage located on NAS storage devices.



Blog Post: Integration Broker basics for the PeopleSoft developer

Read this tutorial written by Oracle ACE Hakan Biroglu complete with sample codes and how-to's on PeopleSoft Integration Broker for the PeopleSoft Developer.

Blog Post: Setting Oracle DB to Oracle DB Golden Gate replication

An example of Oracle to Oracle replication by using Golden Gate written by Oracle ACE Gennady Sigalaev.

Blog Post: Data Vault vs. The World

ACE Director Kent Graziano (DW/BI) has started a 3-part blog series to compare Data Vault modeling to other approaches to data warehousing.

Blog Post: SQL Injection In Oracle

SQL injection is considered to be a top ten database threat, therefore understanding these threats is very important for any company trying to secure their data. Read this post written by Oracle ACE Osama Mustafa Hussein on protecting your vulnerability and getting access to sensitive data using standard SQL statement.





Blog Post: Oracle Exadata X3 and Oracle EM 12c

In his post, Test drove Oracle Exadata X3 with the Oracle General Ledger Financial, Oracle ACE Alex Antonatos weighs in on the pros and cons and ways to embrace Exadata in your blueprint. He also provides his thoughts on the complete look on the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Blog Post: Heros of Java Series Continues with...

Coleen Phillimore, is a Hotspot veteran and hers and the work of many others build the cornerstones of every single line of Java ever written. This is ACE Director Markus Eisele's 21st guest of the Heroes of Java series.

Other posts by Markus:

- Testdriving Mojarra 2.2.0-m08 on GlassFish
- Selecting Your Java EE 6 Application Server

Blog Post: More on EM12c

Oracle ACE Rob Zoeteweij shares his knowledge about Facts and Concepts as well as Configuation Management on EM12c.

Blog Post: Big Year, Big Data, Big Databases

ACE Director Julian Dontcheff suggests that databases are not always in good shape. And why so, one might ask? Read his latest post to understand why.


Blog Post: Bug: ORA-00979: not a GROUP BY expression

Tips and tricks on getting past through post database upgrade bug issues provided by Oracle ACE Asif Momen.


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Oracle ACE Out and About
  • Speaking at OTN Yathra 2013 (Feb 2013)
    Murali Vallath (organizer) - ACE Director, DB
    Harshad Oak -
    ACE Director, Java Champion, OFM
    Lucas Jellema -
    ACE Director, OFM
    Edward Roske -
    ACE Director, BI
    Raj Mattamal -
    ACE Director, DB
    Hans Forbrich -
    ACE Director, DB
    Aman Sharma -
    Oracle ACE, DB
    Satyendra Kumar -
    Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at 2nd Annual IOUG Exadata SIG Virtual Conference (Feb 2013)
    Arup Nanda - ACE Director, DB
    Satyendra Kumar -
    Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at JFokus (Feb 2013)
    Markus Eisele - ACE Director, OFM/Java
  • Speaking at NOUG
    Arup Nanda - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at UKOUG Development SIG
    John Sim - Oracle ACE, WebCenter
  • Speaking at Sunshine PHP Conference (Feb 2013)
    Ligaya Turmelle -
    Oracle ACE, MySQL
  • Speaking at NoCOUG Winter Conference (Feb 2013)
    Gwen Shapira - ACE Director, DB
    Kyle Hailey - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at DOAG SIG – Database (Feb 2013)
    Christian Trieb -
    ACE Director, DB
    Johannes Ahrends -
    Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at Vancouver and Victoria Usergroup (Feb 2013)
    Daniel Morgan - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at IAOUG (Feb 2013)
    Dan Hotka - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at NCOAUG Training Days (Feb 2013)
    Dan Hotka
    - ACE Director, DB
    Susan Behn
    - Oracle ACE, Apps

  • Speaking at BPM Integration Days (Feb-Mar 2013)
    Torsten Winterberg - ACE Director, OFM
    Hajo Normann -
    ACE Director, OFM
    Guido Schmutz
    - ACE Director, OFM
  • Speaking at Hotsos Symposium (Mar 2013)
    See the 14 Oracle ACE and ACE Director speaker lineup

  • Speaking at UTOUG Training Days (Mar 2013)
    Scott Spendolini
    - ACE Director, DB
    Brad Brown
    - ACE Director, DB
    Peter Koletzke
    - ACE Director, OFM
    Daniel Morgan
    - ACE Director, DB
    Tim Gorman
    - ACE Director, DB
    Michael McLaughlin
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    John King
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    Mike Swing - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at OUG Ireland (Mar 2013)
    Roel Hartman - ACE Director, DB
    Debra Lilley - ACE Director, Apps
    Simon Haslam - ACE Director, OFM
    Mark Rittman - ACE Director, BI
    Frits Hoogland - ACE Director, DB
    Lonneke Dikmans - ACE Director, OFM
    Emre Baransel - Oracle ACE, DB
    Brendan Tierney - Oracle ACE, DB
    Marcin Przepiorowski - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Organizing/Speaking at DB Masters Event (Mar 2013)
    Christian Pfundtner
    - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Organizing/Speaking at Java EE Workshops (Mar 2013)
    Adam Bien
    - ACE Director, Java
  • Chairing UKOUG HCM SIG (Mar 2013)
    Tim Warner - Oracle ACE, Apps
  • Speaking at Devoxx (Mar 2013)
    Markus Eisele - ACE Director, OFM
Upcoming Events

  • OTN Yathra Tour
    Feb 15-27, 2013 | Various cities in India

    Feb 11-13, 2013 | Denver, CO
  • Hotsos
    Mar 3-7, 2013 | Irving, TX
    Mar 13-14, 2013 | Salt Lake City, UT
  • Collaborate
    April 7-11, 2013 | Denver, CO

    For a list of all upcoming Oracle events, click here.
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