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By ACEs, For ACEs June 2013

Oracle ACE Spotlight Raj Mattamal, Oracle ACE DirectorRajMattamal

Co-President of Niantic Systems, LLC., Raj Mattamal started developing web applications at Oracle in 1995 with the very same people who came to create Oracle Application Express. With over 10 years tenure with the company he helped customers in a wide range of industries deliver web based solutions on the Oracle Database. In addition to helping customers with their applications, Raj developed numerous web applications for use internally at Oracle. Outside of database application development, Raj spent much remaining time with Oracle evangelizing the Oracle Application Express. This entailed teaching Oracle software development and APEX classes globally, writing articles for Oracle Magazine, Technotes for the Oracle Technology Network, and assisting with the development of training material and workshops. Since leaving Oracle in 2006, and without missing a beat, Raj has continued to passionately evangelize Oracle Application Express and its related technologies in publications and speaking at events across the globe.

Beyond obsessing over technology, Raj enjoys playing guitar, performing arts, and all things music.

Oracle ACE Program News

JOB POST: Database Community Manager - Oracle Technology Network (OTN)

Do you or somebody you know want to make a difference in the Oracle Technology Network (OTN), the largest developer community in the world? Click here to learn more about the position.

Decommissioning Soon: "Oracle OTN" Facebook Page

This is an important notice to let you know that the "Oracle OTN" Facebook profile will be disabled on Mon, July 15th. Not to worry... you will be able to continue to stay up to date with the Oracle ACE program by following (and "Like" ing) The Oracle ACE Program FB page, if you're not already doing so.

Welcome New Oracle ACEs

Initiated June 2013

Name Location Focus
John King United States DB
Mia Urman United States OFM


Oracle Usergroup Holland DBA/Middleware Day | Sep 10, 2013 | TBD
Contact Ronald Rood for more details.
Submission Deadline: TBD

APAC OTN Tour | November 2013
Contact Francisco Munoz Alvarez for more details.
Submission Deadline: TBD

Use Java to develop iOS and Android? Yes!

Join us at this free virtual event covering mobile development for iOS and Android while leveraging your Java skills. Includes a mobile lab and live chats with Oracle staff. August 7, 2013, 9am to 1pm PT.

Virtual Developer Day: “MySQL”

This FREE virtual event has two tracks tailored for both fresh and experienced MySQL users. Attend the sessions on July 31 and sharpen your skills to develop your new applications cost-effectively using MySQL, improve performance of your existing MySQL databases, and
manage your MySQL environment more efficiently. Register Today.

Call for Content: UKOUG Oracle Scene

The next edition of the Oracle Scene is due out in time for the UKOUG Apps13 conference. The main content focus will be about getting the most out of your Oracle Applications and what’s next for Oracle Apps. Functional and technical content submitted will be considered. Please send your articles to, with a short bio, your company name, job title, and a high resolution photo by July 31.



Building a Database in the Cloud? E-Book Explains How.

This quick-reference guide, organized into six short chapters and supplemented with helpful illustrations, provides a clear overview of the cloud and step-by-step instructions on deploying database as a service. Download the e-book today.


Interested in Writing?

If you have the enthusiasm for communicating technical ideas and concepts, have a valuable experience or a technical skill that you're keen to share with readers, you should give serious consideration to authoring a book or becoming a technical reviewer. Please contact for more details

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Oracle ACE Watch


Oracle Scene Magazine: In-database Sentiment Analysis, written by ACE Director Husnu Sensoy.

Oracle Scene Magazine: Optimal Oracle Configuration for Table Scanning, written by ACE Director James Morle

German iX Magazine: Introduction to Java EE 7, written by ACE Director Markus Eisele (in German)

Heise Developer Online: Oracle Java Cloud Service, written by ACE Director Markus Eisele (in German)

Heise Developer Online: Java 7 Update 21 Security Improvements, written by ACE Director Markus Eisele (in German)


Primary Keys Guarantee Uniqueness? Think Again!

ACE Director Arup Nanda provides a great explanation and examples of primary keys and table constraints. And, if you ever wondered about Big Data and what exactly it means, you'll want to read Arup's post "Demystifying Big Data for Oracle Professionals".

Java EE 7 is Final!

Thoughtful summary of insights and pointers from ACE Director Markus Eisele regarding Java EE7. Find a list of articles from Markus about the Java EE 7 launch here.

Additional posts by Markus:

- Java SE 7 Update 25 - Release-Notes explained
- GlassFish 4 brings Java EE 7
- Interview with German iJUG e.V. (JUG Umbrella) in Java Magazine (Free subscription required to Access article)

More Java EE 7 thoughts from ACE Director Lucas Jellema

- Java EE 7: EJB publishing CDI Events that are pushed over WebSocket to browser client
- Getting started with Java EE 7 – Hands on in 10 minutes
- Emulate Cross Service Joins in SOA Suite with Table Functions and Database Adapter
- ADF Academy launched- interactive, entertaining and educational

Health Check of Oracle eBusiness Inventory by using the Inventory Analyzer

In this post written by Oracle ACE Kashif Manzoor, he covers the use of Inventory Analyzer tool to evaluate Inventory setup, patch levels, runtime tables, profiles, settings, and configurations with recommendations. This script delivered by eBusiness suite for quick health checkup of most common Inventory issues usually facing by different customers.

Capture Workload using Database Replay in 11g

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE, talks about how to simulate actual production load for performance as well as functionality test and how to adopt changes quickly in an easy and cost effective way. Read more here.

MySQL Plugin for New Relic

The popular SaaS Monitoring product New Relic has added support for monitoring of existing data store products. ACE Director Ronald Bradford has written the open source MySQL plugin that gives developers additional insights to monitoring the entire stack.

Common Causes Resulting in ORA-01115 Error

ACE Director Syed Jaffar Hussein provides a list of common causes of an 'ORA-01115ORA-01115: IO error reading block from file (block # ).

He also shares a learning experience about how to rejoin a node to a 2 node cluster on a Windows Platform.


Deploy Agent In Enterprise Manager 12c

Enterprise Manager 12c provides very useful tools for all DBA and developers. In this post written by Oracle ACE Osama Mustafa, he explains how to deploy agent in EM 12c to monitor or host a database.


Part 3 – Getting started with Statistics for Oracle Data Science Projects

ACE Director Brendan Tierney shares part 3 on getting started with Statistics for Oracle Data Science projects which provides a summary of the other statistical functions that exist in the database.

Brendan also blogs about The DBMS_PREDICTIVE_ANALYTICS package & Predict procedure and The DBMS_PREDICTIVE_ANALYTICS package & Explain procedure


Productivity Tips for using SQL Developer Data Modeler (SDDM)

Kent Graziano, ACE Director, has two recent tips on his blog for SQL Developer Data Modeler. The 1st tip is free: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler . And another free tip for SQL Developer Data Modeler (and a Challenge) .

WebLogic on the Virtualized Oracle Database Appliance X3-2

ACE Director Simon Haslam is currently working on a proof of concept for running Fusion Middleware, along with RAC, on an ODA and is writing a series of blog posts describing his findings: #1 Planning , #2 Unboxing, with more to follow over the next month. Middleware types may also like this post, and debate, around Admin Server location.

Why is Flashback Slow?

In this paper written by Oracle ACE Chris Lawson, it explains some interesting phenomenon regarding flashback queries.


Check out the interesting observations and discussions in ACE Director Randolf Geists post about how the Oracle database treats the TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE datatype when performing aggregation.

More to SQL Joins than Meets the Eye

Oracle ACE Kyle Hailey discusses in his post surprising visualizations of SQL Joins that can be more complex than you think. He also discusses a new feature in DBaaS: OEM Snap Clone.

Oracle 12c RAC On your laptop, Step by Step Guide" or "Back to School Again

To get you up to speed with Oracle RAC 12c and let you focus on the important stuff (e.g. features research), ACE Director Yury Velikanov provides detailed step by step installation instructions.

Dude, Where is my Redo?

This blog entry written by ACE Director Riyaj Shamsudeen discusses a method to identify the objects inducing higher amount of redo. Separately, he disscusses Clusterware startup details here.

Lessons from Fusion HCM Implementations

At this years OHUG conference Oracle ACE Tim Warner had the opportunity to hear from some organizations who have been through the Fusion HCM implementation process. He shares some those experiences in his latest post.

Practical Cutover Tips for Your Enterprise Project

Provided by Oracle ACE Alex Antonatos are tips and tricks on the critical last 6 weeks before going live in the areas of testing, data conversion, training and cutover validation.



MySQL Workbench: Data Modeling and Development authored by Oracle ACE Michael McLaughlin. Preview chapter 12 for free here. (available now)


Expert Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c authored by ACE Directors Kellyn Pot'Vin and Alex Gorbachev, along with several other co-authors. (available now)

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Oracle ACE Out and About

  • Speaking at JayDay (Jul 2013)
    Markus Eisele - ACE Director, OFM
    Adam Bien - ACE Director, OFM
  • Speaking at UKOUG Analytics Event (Jul 2013)
    Brendan Tierney - ACE Director, BI
  • Speaking at iLOUG Tech Days (Jul 2013)
    Ami Aharonovich (+organizer) - Oracle ACE, DB
    Erez Alsheich - Oracle ACE, DB
    Mark Rittman (+keynote) - ACE Director, BI
    Heli Helskyaho - Oracle ACE, DB
    Gwen Shapira - ACE Director, DB
    Lucas Jellema - ACE Director, OFM
    Mia Urman - Oracle ACE, OFM
    Oded Raz - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at LAD OTN Tour (Jul 2013
    Francisco Munoz Alvarez (+organizer)- ACE Director, DB
    Tim Hall - ACE Director, DB
    Ronald Bradford - ACE Director, MySQL
    Alex Gorbachev - ACE Director, DB
    Michelle Malcher - ACE Director, Security
    Kai Yu - ACE Director, DB
    Joel Perez - ACE Director, DB
    Jonathan Lewis - ACE Director, DB
    Gustavo Gonzalez - ACE Director, Apps
    Plinio Arbizu - ACE Director, OFM
  • Speaking at TCOUG (Jul 2013)
    Kyle Hailey - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at UKOUG AIM & DB SIG (Jul 2013)
    Doug Burns - ACE Director, DB
    Julian Dyke
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    David Kurtz
    - ACE Director, DB
    Simon Haslam
    - ACE Director, OFM
    Martin Widlake
    - Oracle ACE, DB
    Martin Bach
    - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at JPOUG Tech Talk Night #1 (Jul 2013)
    Ryota Watabe - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at INOUG (Jul 2013)
    Rich Niemiec - ACE Director, DB
    Mike Messina - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at OAUG Connection Point – AppsTech (Jul 2013)
    Mike Swing - Oracle ACE, Apps
    Mike Messina - Oracle ACE, DB
    Bill Dunham - Oracle ACE, Apps
  • Speaking at Enkitec E4 Conference (Aug 2013
    Kerry Osbourne (+organizer) - ACE Director, DB
    Gwen Shapira - ACE Director, DB
    Frits Hoogland - ACE Director, DB
    Karl Arao - Oracle ACE, DB
    Stewart Bryson - Oracle ACE, BI
    Andy Colvin - Oracle ACE, DB
    Karen Morton - Oracle ACE, DB
    Tanel Poder - Oracle ACE, DB
    Mark Rittman - ACE Director, BI
    Ferhat Sengonul - Oracle ACE, DB
    Martin Bach - Oracle ACE, DB
  • Speaking at RMOUG Summer Quarterly Educational Workshop (Aug 2013)
    Tim Gorman - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at NCOAUG (Aug 2013)
    Dan Hotka - ACE Director, DB
  • Speaking at OAUG eLearning (Aug 2013)
    Bill Dunham - Oracle ACE, Apps
Architect Corner

DevOPs, Cloud, and Role Creep

Oracle ACE Directors Ron Batra, Basheer Khan, and Cary Milsap bring their insight to a discussion of where the industry is headed as DevOps and cloud computing change the IT landscape.

Fault Handling and Prevention for Services in Oracle Service Bus

Part two in a series by Oracle ACE Directors Guido Schmutz and Ronald van Luttikhuizen, this article concentrates on concrete fault handling and prevention measures in the integration layer as realized through Oracle Service Bus (OSB).

Industrial SOA

A 14-part article series focused on service orientation, written collaboratively by a group of recognized experts and community leaders in service oriented architecture, including Oracle ACE Directors Hajo Normann, Guido Schmutz, and Torsten Winterberg.

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