Content Submissions

Technical content submitted will posted on the relevant technical pages on Oracle Technology Network website. This content will become a reference to help developers with their developments 
Content types most sought after:
•    Tips, tricks, and techniques for using a particular product, technology, product feature, or process (e.g. development with APIs)  
•    Technical interviews, that could include code samples on developing with Java EE, SE, ME and Oracle technologies (e.g. database tuning strategies)
•    Technical interviews on state and trends of industries and technologies.
•    Guideline for all of the above are about 2 pages long

Examples of technical interviews:
Kirk Pepperdine on Performance Tuning and Cloud Computing
The Next Move in Programming: A Conversation with Sun’s Victoria Livschitz

Technology areas:
•    Java SE (e.g. productivity, performance, universality, modularity, integration, and serviceability)
•    OpenJDK contributions, and Project Coin
•    Java TV APIs
•    Mobility/Embedded
•    Java EE (CDI, JSF, web tier, the Java persistence and JAX-RS)
•    JavaFX 
•    Web Services/SOA
•    .NET Development
•    Open source scripting languages (PHP, Perl, Python)
•    Security
•    Java and its integrations with Jquery, Jersey
•    Opensource projects
•    Linux and Solaris
•    Solaris (performance and scalability, reliability, security, and virtualization)

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