Oracle XML Developer's Kit for Java


Oracle XML Developer's Kit (Oracle XDK) contains XML component libraries and utilities that you can use to XML-enable applications and Web sites. The Oracle9i versions of the XDK can also be used to build applications designed to interface with Oracle8i databases. This extends to loading the XDK for Java components in the the Oracle8i JVM.The XDK for Java includes the following components:



XDK Production Release

  This release contains the production components listed above with the following additions:
 XML Parser for Java v2 built upon the production version with the following additional features
 XSLT Processor for Java built upon the production version with the following additional features
  • Integrated support for W3C XSLT 1.0 Recommendation
  • Provides new APIs to get XSL Transformation as SAX Output
 XML Schema Processor for Java supports parsing and validating XML files against an XML Schema definition file (.xsd) and includes the following features:
  • Built upon the XML Parser for Java v2
  • Supports the three parts of the XML Schema Recommendation
       Part 0: Primer XML Schema
       Part 1: Structures XML Schema
       Part 2: Datatypes
 XML Class Generator for Java generates a set of Java source files based on an input DTD and XML Schema.
  • Creates documents conforming to the W3C XML 1.0 Recommendation
  • Supports creating documents in a wide range of encodings
 XML SQL Utility for Java generates an XML Document from SQL queries wth the following features
  • Outputs text or Document Object Model from a SQL query string or a JDBC ResultSet object
  • Writes data from an XML document into a database table or view
  • XML output can be produced as Text, DOM trees or DTDs
  • Supports Inserts, Updates, Selects and Deletes
 XSQL Servlet produces dynamic XML documents based on one or more SQL queries
  • Optionally transform the resulting XML document in the server or client using XSLT
  • Utilizes Declarative .xsql XML File for Instructions and Transformations
  • Supports Selects, Inserts, Updates, & Deletes
  • Built-in and Custom Action Handler Support
  • Programmatic API for Java Applications
 Oracle Soap is an implementation of the Simple Object Access Protocol.
  • Server-side infrastructure for managing and running SOAP enabled services
  • Java client API for invoking SOAP services
  • Supports pluggable XML parser that supports JAXP and DOM2 API
  • Supports pluggable providers that enable extensible support for different types of services. This release includes:
        - Java provider supports SOAP services that are Java classes
  • Supports RPC invocation over HTTP transport
  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS levels 1-3 plus basic authentication, proxy, and proxy basic authentication
 Oracle TransX Utility makes it easier to load translated seed data and messages into the database and includes the following features:
  • Supports loading dataset in XML format
  • Supports formatting validation
  • Supports Date/Timestamp format
 XML Java Beans permit easily adding graphical or visual interfaces to XML applications and includes the following components:
 DOMBuilder Bean encapsulates the DOMParser and provides asynchronous XML document parsing.
 TreeViewer Bean displays XML formateed files graphicly as a tree. These branches and leaves of this tree can be manipulated with a mouse.
 SourceViewer Bean displays XML and XSL formated files with color syntax highlighting for easy viewing and editing.
 Transformer Bean accepts an XML and applies the transformation specified by an input XSL stylesheet to create and output file.
 TransPanel Bean encapsulates the above beans in a appication component for retrieving, trransforming, and viewing XML files.
 DBAccess Bean can be used for programmatic access to all features that XMLTransformPanel offers in interactive mode.DBAccess bean supports for XMLType storage
 DBView Bean can be used in any application that requires visualization of database information using XML and stylesheet transformations.
 XMLDiff Bean can be used to compare two XML files and represent the difference visally or by the generated XSL code.
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