Oracle Spatial and Graph
Spatial Features - Partners' Downloads & Plug-ins

The following downloads and plug-ins are provided by Oracle Spatial and Graph partners. For more information on Oracle's Spatial and Graph partners...

Note: These are not Oracle-supported products. Please contact the responsible third parties directly for all support issues.


Trial version of FME Oracle Edition from Safe Software February 2010 Download a trial version of FME Oracle edition - a powerful spatial ETL (extract, transform and load) toolset for importing over 250 GIS, CAD, 3D, raster and other formats into Oracle Spatial and Oracle GeoRaster.
Evaluation Version of Mapviewer2test May 2012 Download an evaluation version TestNext Mapviewer2test - A powerful load and stress test solution for predicting system behavior and performance of Oracle MapViewer.
PCI Geomatics Freeview for Oracle Spatial GeoRaster January 2008 For 10g Free Download: PCI Geomatics FreeView for Oracle Spatial GeoRaster.

Freeview is a flexible data visualization tool for viewing, selecting, and enhancing Oracle 10g spatial layers, including GeoRaster.
PCI Geomatics GeoRaster Loader for Oracle Spatial GeoRaster January 2008 For 10g & 11g Free Download: PCI Geomatics Raster Data Loader for Oracle Spatial GeoRaster.

Geomatica GeoRaster Loader is a desktop product to load image data and associated metadata into Oracle 10g and 11g.
TatukGIS Editor Trial Version April 2012 Windows GIS desktop application supporting Oracle Spatial/Locator and Oracle GeoRaster, as well as most other GIS/CAD vector, grid, image, and SQL layer map data formats. View Oracle Spatial and GeoRaster map coverages, edit Oracle Spatial data, query utilizing Locator spatial indexes and query operators, import data from other file formats into Oracle Spatial tables, export/extract data from Oracle Spatial to other file types, reproject map layers on-the-fly between coordinate systems, etc.  Powerful built-in scripting IDE provides for customization or extended functionality. Supporting Oracle versions 8i – 11g.