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Oracle Spatial User Conference

Creating The Location Intelligent Enterprise

Thursday, March 13, 2008
Sheraton Seattle Hotel, 1400 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, Washington USA


Thanks to GITA, our partner sponsors, and all the users and solutions providers who made this year's user conference a success!

Congratulations to the 2008 Oracle Spatial Excellence Award recipients!

  • Innovator Awards: Aon Re Global Services and Jicoux
  • Integrated Enterprise Awards: Cuyahoga County, Ohio and City of Tacoma, Washington
  • Partnership Award: Johnston McLamb
Wednesday, March 12
6:00-8:30 p.m.

Opening Reception (Sponsored by GE & Navteq)
Sheraton Seattle Hotel- Cirrus Ballroom

Thursday, March 13
8:30-9:00 a.m. Welcome - Introductory Remarks
Dr. Xavier Lopez, Director of Product Management, Oracle Spatial and Semantic Technologies
9:00-10:30 a.m.   

Oracle Business Intelligence & Spatial Views
(Originally Maps in Business Solutions and Applications)
Dr. Jayant Sharma, Technical Director, Oracle Spatial

  • Oracle MapViewer – Ji Yang, Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle MapViewer (Demo)
  • MapViewer & Business Intelligence – David Lapp, Spatial Solutions Specialist, Oracle Public Sector (Demo)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence & Spatial Views – Abhinav Agarwal, Principal Product Manager, Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Utilities Mobile Workforce Management – Bruce Kane, Product Management Director, Oracle Utilities Global Business Unit
10:30-11:00 a.m. Break / Vendor Booths
11:00 a.m.-Noon

Oracle Spatial 11g – Technical Overview
Dr. Siva Ravada, Director of Software Development, Oracle Spatial

What’s Better -What’s New? What Would You Like To See?

3D BIM and Oracle 11g – Take Your GIS Projects and Applications to New Dimensions
Dale Lutz, VP of Software Development, Safe Software Inc.

New Dimensions in Data Integration and Data Translation

12:00-1:30 p.m. Award Luncheon (Sponsored by Tele Atlas)
Presented by Dr. Xavier Lopez, Director of Product Management, Oracle Spatial and Semantic Technologies
1:30-3:00 p.m. User Sessions
  Track A Track B

Mapping & Business Intelligence Applications in Insurance & Retail
Moderator: Jayant Sharma, Oracle

Unobtrusive Spatial Enablement of the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite at RL Polk
Steven Pierce, Principal, Johnston McLamb
Robert Murray, Technical Product Manager, RL Polk

This presentation will describe RL Polk’s approach to integrating Oracle MapViewer into Oracle Business Intelligence Suite using Oracle MapViewer's Non-Spatial Data Provider. The NSDP brought an elegant and efficient approach to integrating spatial and non-spatial data in real time.

CatPortal's LocWizard: An Innovative Approach to Mapping Insurance Risk Intelligence and Enabling Faster Decision Making (No Slides Available)
Guru Rao, President & Deepak Badoni, Vice President, Catastrophe Systems, Aon Re Services, Inc.

Instant access to policy and location level insurance data is one of the keys to faster decision making during and after a catastrophe event. Using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and Oracle MapViewer, Aon Re Global has developed an industry leading business intelligence and mapping tool that allows users to seamlessly navigate between reports and maps. The design was driven entirely by their clients’ need to answer key questions about their exposures and losses to catastrophes. The system uses a blend of custom programming and out-of-the-box functionality to create an interface that allows users to create powerful visualizations and reports with a few mouse-clicks – which previously took days, even weeks of manual effort.

Putting Business Intelligence on the Map in Retail
Jim Kowalski, Chief Operating Officer, thincSoft

Recent studies indicate that over 80% of data maintained by corporations has a location component. In the retail industry specifically, leading retailers are exploring ways to leverage that data into better decisions about how to serve customers, increase same-store comps, and maximize GMROI. Mr Kowalski will highlight thincSoft’s thincVIew product and discuss a current deployment at a leading convenience store retailer. The thincVIew solution enables companies to merge traditional Business Intelligence data with location and spatial information to improve decision making through better data visualization and a map-driven “dashboard” of key performance metrics. This presentation will also include a live demonstration of the thincVIew solution, highlighting integration with Oracle WebCenter portal, Oracle Spatial, and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

Oracle Spatial in Public Sector
Moderator: Joe Seppi, Woolpert (Vice Chair, Oracle Spatial SIG)

Maximizing the Value of Cuyahoga County-Wide GIS Using Oracle Spatial and Oracle Fusion Middleware
J. Kevin Kelley, Geospatial Information Officer, Cuyahoga County
G. Patrick Zhu, Software Systems Developer, Michael Baker Corporation

Discover how to leverage Oracle Spatial and Fusion Middleware technologies to solve current complex county-wide Geospatial needs. Cuyahoga is implementing a cutting-edge architecture to support Grid computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA) that delivers unprecedented flexibility, performance and scalability.

Web Mapping with Microsoft Virtual Earth and Oracle 10g in U.S. EPA's Grant Tracking Systems
Trevor Quinn, Principal Developer, Systalex Corporation

This presentation details how a U.S. EPA enterprise web application was "geo-enabled" using Microsoft Virtual Earth and Oracle Application Express, and how the back-end Oracle 10g database was transformed into a spatial data engine for Virtual Earth. The presentation demonstrates how to make Oracle MapViewer maps available to commercial mapping APIs as cached tiles, and describes how to serve feature data directly from the database to Virtual Earth using AJAX and PL/SQL.

Automatic Vehicles Monitoring System at Cotral
Giovanni Corcione, Sales Consultant, Oracle Italy

The Automatic Vehicles Monitoring (AVM) system at Cotral SPA monitors a fleet of 1600 buses that take about 4600 trips per day on a "near real time" basis. Through GPRS/HTTP, buses send information such as position, events, alarms, timing, schedule to a central system for storage and analysis in the Spatial Data Infrastructure, based on Oracle Spatial, for bus monitoring, mapping, reporting and trip planning. With Oracle’s linear referencing, buses can be located and displayed in real time. The Oracle MapViewer browser front-end renders interactive maps with dynamic bus positions according to routes and bus stop positions. A demo will be shown.

3:00-3:30 p.m. Break / Vendor Booths
3:30-5:15 p.m. User Sessions
  Track A Track B

Utilities Case Studies
Moderator: Dennis Beck, Spatial Business Systems

A Case Study: Re-engineering Cable Industry Business Processes with Spatial Database Technologies
Dennis Beck, President, Spatial Business Systems

This presentation highlights how a suite of customer-service related business applications are being deployed to change cable industry. An overview of the key design criteria will be presented along with highlights of the technical challenges that were faced in building a large-scale set of applications. Details of the applications will be highlighted as well as an overview of the technical implementation considerations and challenges. The presentation will conclude with a demonstration.

VEGA: Verizon Enterprise Geospatial Application
(Originally listed as Web based geospatial business applications - embedding the CAD/GIS client at Verizon)
Philip O'Doherty, CEO, eSpatial Inc.
Kumar Annamraju, IT Manager, Verizon

This talk looks at the emerging drive towards development of geospatial GIS/CAD features within web enabled business applications. It has always been a goal to embed CAD like capabilities within business applications, but it is only recently that the required database and software infrastructure has made this possible. Leading Wireless Telecommunications Company, Verizon, will present its VEGA Application. This demo includes CAD data editing and manipulation features, seamlessly provided as an end to end process, all accessible within a pure web browser.

Foundations of the New Enterprise: Managing Critical Business Data using Oracle Spatial at Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Justin Lokitz, Director of Sales Engineering, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is among the top ten Water and Waste Water utilities in the United States. Early on, to support its business needs with regards to geospatial data, WSSC had built a system using software from many traditional GIS vendors that lacked integration and support for many vital business processes. In 2006 WSSC moved all enterprise data to Oracle Spatial (vector and raster data) and implemented the Leica Geosystems' ADE suite.

An Electricity Network Design Application built on top of Oracle Spatial
John Eason, Director, Utility Solutions, GE Energy
Mick Doe, Application Architect, GE Energy

Electric Office is an application for the design and maintenance of electricity networks. It brings together Oracle components – TopLink, MapBuilder, Workspace Manager - to capture, manage, display and analyse network data in order to optimise the network design process.


Oracle Spatial in Public Sector & Map Production
Moderator: Joe Roehl, ADCi

Using Oracle Spatial and MapViewer for Evaluation of Urban Area Development in Brazil
Andre Luis Carvalho da Motta e Silva, Stategical Projects Director, CODEPLAN
Gustavo Neves de Andrade Lemes, Consultant, Sete Serviços
Fernando Targa, Development Director, GEMPI

To meet information demand concerning income and job generation programs implemented by Brazil’s Federal District Economic Development Office (SDE), the Federal District Planning Company developed the Urban Areas Management System (SIGAU). Local areas are evaluated through performance indexes that take into account urban features, land plot, block and district, and analysis/simulation of a large volume of data from many governmental offices and systems. Thematic maps enable follow up and decision making on current programs. Oracle Spatial, GeoRaster and MapViewer provide a safe, high performance implementation platform. A demo will be shown.

Creation, Publication & Update of Maps out of Databases
Sebastien Lanoe, Product Marketing Manager, Lorienne SA
Jean-Pascal Butte Business Development Manager. Lorienne SA

The production of maps out of GIS databases is often a challenging process. Lorienne innovates with a new map production environment for map creation, map publication and map updates from Oracle Spatial, with a focus on high quality, production cost, data integrity and diversification of map products across media. The case study with Tele Atlas data stored in Oracle Spatial will address the benefits, the level of quality, the efficiency of the production process and its dedicated user-friendly environment.

Reengineering Desktop Thick Workgroups into Web Rich Enterprise Clients
Bryan Hall, Spatial Architect, L-3 Communications
Jeff Walawender, Senior Software Engineer, L-3 Communications

Cost cutting requires reengineering spatial solutions to directly address business requirements. But enterprise computing for spatial data has, with even "Web 2.0", required the user to lose the responsiveness and feedback that traditional desktop thick client GIS software has provided. We took a different approach in the re-engineering effort and concentrated on making it work as much like a traditional desktop thick client - while simplifying use, making editing more reliable, and actually speeding up rendering. All this, while only supporting one versioned Oracle Spatial database, and application tier for all users.

Complete E-Government solution at City of Bolzano
Michele Borella, Consultant and Software Developer, CreaForm
Giulio Lavoriero, Director of Engineering, CreaForm

The City of Bolzano, Italy has a unique, complete editing and publishing environment for geographical data. The Oracle Spatial-based enterprise editing environment supports import and export into geospatial tools from Bentley and ESRI, and network modeling from Oracle Spatial. Data is shared with GeoJAX, an easy-to-use geographical web browser that uses the Oracle MapViewer framework in combination with J2EE and AJAX for browsing Oracle Spatial data. This provides a flexible viewer supports spatial queries, and can be fully customized (style and functionality). Users can easily import any kind of geographical data from an ESRI file, edit it with a CAD precision functionality and make those data visible to anyone via the web in a very short time.
5:15-5:45 p.m. Closing Reception (Sponsored by Intergraph)


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