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  • New Oracle MapViewer Webinar: Editing Spatial Data (mp4 91.2MB)
  • New City of Toronto Enhances Public Safety Using Real-time Big Data and Map Rendering with Oracle and AGSI—Using Oracle Database and Oracle MapViewer, the City of Toronto Police Services worked with Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) to leverage Go360 Social Media Edition software to search, review and map social media traffic in real time. (Directions Magazine Webinar)
  • New Oracle MapViewer Webinar: Building HTML5 Maps for Web and Mobile Apps (mp4 38MB)
  • New Learn How Customers Are Experiencing 300x Performance Gains with Oracle Spatial and Graph—Nick Salem of Neustar and Steve Pierce of Think Huddle share their realized performance benchmarks using Oracle Spatial and Graph. With the Oracle Spatial and Graph option of Database 12c, customers can address the largest geospatial workloads and experience performance increases of 50 to 300 times for common vector analysis operations. With just a small set of configuration... (Directions Magazine Webinar)
  • Webcast conducted by the MapViewer team—Learn about MapViewer This release has many enhancements, including:
    • HTML 5-based API for rich client interactivity
    • A web-based spatial data editor
    • Support for third party spatial data sources via GDAL/OGR
    You will learn about these latest features and available resources such as software downloads, sample code, technical information, and the Oracle Spatial and Graph Specialization Program. (Windows Media Player 55MB) (Also available as a Quicktime Movie 1.11GB)
  • Exploring Spatial Analytics in OBIEE 11g—Almost every organization has a geographic element to the way it runs its business. Leveraging the power of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)11g's map integration allows for more fluent geo-analytic capabilities.

    The webinar will cover:
    • How easy it is to create analytics map within an OBIEE11g dashboard
    • Where Oracle Spatial integrates with OBIEE
    • Where and how NAVTEQ Maps integrate with OBIEE
    • How to create a custom geographic region on a map based on your company'sterritories
    • Why tabular spatial analytics is just as important as map visualization
    • How to give a user an input to dynamically query sales data by geographic radius

      Capgemini's Oracle Analytics and Nokia on YouTube (April 2012)
  • Situational Analysis at OnStar with Oracle Spatial—Learn from OnStar how the company uses Oracle Spatial to deliver insight, performance and scalability including:
    • How OnStar’s Oracle Spatial analytical server supports its real-time call center Advisor application in an environment using Google Earth visualization and NAVTEQ data.
    • How spatial analysis allows OnStar to obtain better insight into disaster situations, develop early warning capabilities, and improve call center coverage.
    • How Oracle Database 11g (with Oracle Spatial, Real Application Clusters, Partitioning) provides scalability and performance required to process and query OnStar’s large amounts of transactional data.

      Directions Magazine (February 2012)
  • CityGML—A presentation about CityGML and Urban Information Modeling, the 3D City Database, and the Importer/Exporter, provided by the TU Delft (Approximate Running Time - 5 Hours, Requires Silverlight) (March 2011)
  • Maps, BI and Network Management: Together At Last (January 2011)
  • Learn How to Use Oracle’s Spatial and BI Tools for Location-aware Predictive Analytics Oracle experts will show how to perform predictive analytics, network analytics and spatial analysis – combined together, in real-world scenarios. Demos will include evaluating airline on-time performance and retail establishment performance. (November 2012)


  • Utilities, Smart Grid and Geospatial Technology: An Interview with Brad Williams, Oracle’s Global Business VP—Geospatial technology and energy management seem to be intertwined in so many operational and strategic areas for utilities. In this Directions Magazine podcast, Editor in Chief Joe Francica interviews Oracle's Brad Williams, vice president of the company's global business unit, to discuss how utility companies are leveraging geospatial information to managing everything from smart grid technology to outage management. Directions Magazine (March 2013)
  • Time Warner Cable deploys Enterprise GIS System with Oracle Spatial—Learn how Chris Nelson, Senior GIS Manager with Time Warner Cable and Oracle Partner, Immco's VP of Sales, Murali Balakrisnan developed the "Map-Zilla" project - an enterprise GIS solution, built on Oracle Spatial and Mapviewer 11g. Hear why Time Warner chose industry leading Oracle Spatial technologies. (mp3)
  • Immco Implements Cable Asset Management with Oracle Spatial—Learn how Immco uses Oracle Spatial 11g and Oracle MapViewer 11g to provide an innovative GIS application for cable TV and broadband network asset management and decision support. (mp3)
  • OnStar - Driving Success with Oracle Spatial—Hear how GM's OnStar leverages Oracle Spatial 11g as the geospatial data management foundation of their system to support high volumes of requests daily from the millions of motorists that OnStar serves. (mp3)
  • Exor Manages Infrastructure Assets with Oracle Database 11 g—Oracle implementation expert Steven Feldman discusses how Exor - the world's leading provider of highways software—uses Oracle Application Express and Oracle Spatial to deliver integrated road management systems. (mp3)
  • Bentley Systems Leverages 3D Capabilities of Oracle Spatial 11 g—Learn how Bentley Systems uses Oracle Spatial 11 g in its Map and PowerMap products to manage 3D data in city government and other customer environments. Bentley's products are widely used by customers such as City of Prague that manage large Oracle Spatial databases for GIS and related applications including urban planning, city modeling and infrastructure management. (mp3)
  • Envista Coordinates Infrastructure Projects with Oracle Spatial 11 g—Learn how Envista uses Oracle Database 11 g with Oracle Spatial to provide an innovative Web-based solution enabling the coordination of infrastructure projects among utility, telecommunications and local government public works organizations. (mp3)
  • The Oracle Spatial Game Plan—An overview of Oracle's product status, its application strategy and future technology directions with Xavier Lopez and Jim Steiner. Directions Media (mp3)
  • Putting the Pieces Together—A discussion of how to consolidate all your organization's spatial information in an enterprise database, how it can be shared among users, and leveraged in business processes throughout the enterprise. Directions Media (mp3)
  • Develop Applications with Oracle Java Tool—Listen to this podcast and learn how R.L. Polk and Company uses Oracle Spatial technology to develop its automotive research applications. Directions Media (mp3)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence with Spatial and MapViewer Integration—Learn how Aon Re Global, an Oracle customer and the largest insurance intermediary in the world, uses Oracle Spatial, Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer, and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to perform more accurate risk analysis. Directions Media (mp3)
  • Using NAVTEQ & DigitalGlobe Data with Oracle Spatia—Get an update on how NAVTEQ's vector map data and DigitalGlobe's worldwide image data have been specially formatted for the Oracle Database, and how it can be used to enhance customers' business intelligence and enterprise applications. Directions Media (mp3)

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