The spatial features in Oracle Spatial and Graph offer advanced capabilities that address all forms of spatial workloads of data sets. These extend Oracle Locator, a no-cost feature of Oracle Database Standard and Enterprise Editions that provides native spatial data support and location query and analysis, with dramatically faster performance, a much richer set of spatial analytics, and built-in services - Network Data Model (NDM), geocoding, routing, topology management, raster and gridded data analysis, and 3D and point cloud operations.


Handles the Requirements of the Most Demanding, Large-scale Geospatial Applications

Together with Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer, an Oracle WebLogic Server component used for map display and geospatial data visualization, these pre-integrated technologies offer a complete set of spatial information technologies. These include location-enabled Business Intelligence, land management and GIS, wireless location services, transportation, utilities, agriculture, asset management, LiDAR analysis, energy and natural resources, and planning.


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