Application Development

Oracle Database 12c is a single integrated platform that supports SQL, XML, and procedural languages (e.g., PL/SQL, Java, C/C++) in a simple fashion with high performance and scalability. The information below describes many of the features of Oracle Database that facilitate application development. This includes languages, development tools, connectivity and related technologies. Get started with an overview on Oracle Database 12c Application Development.
Languages Tools
red arrow JAVA red arrow Application Express
red arrow .NET red arrow Oracle REST Data Services (APEX Listener)
red arrow PHP red arrow Developer Tools for Visual Studio
red arrow PL/SQL red arrow Migration Technologies
red arrow Ruby and Python red arrow SQL Developer
red arrow XML DB red arrow SQL Developer Data Modeler
Connectivity Related Technologies
red arrow C++ red arrow Globalization
red arrow Data Provider for .NET red arrow Identity Code Package - (RFID, EPC, PDF)
red arrow Instant Client red arrow Oracle Regular Expressions (PDF)
red arrow JDBC red arrow Workspace Manager
red arrow Net Services red arrow Temporal Database
red arrow OCI red arrow XML Developers Kit (XDK)
red arrow Web Services red arrow Database Express Edition (XE)


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