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Oracle data warehousing best practices ensure that your Oracle system will leverage the full capabilities of the Oracle database. Read on to learn more about what features you should be taking advantage of to achieve extreme performance on your data warehouse.
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Technical Information
Demo & How-To
red-arrow-box Oracle Database 12c - Built for Data Warehousing red-arrow-box High-Speed Data Loading (OBE)
red-arrow-box Performant and Scalable Data Loading with Oracle Database 12c  red-arrow-box How to Use Oracle Data Warehousing Functionality (OBE)
red-arrow-box Enabling Pervasive BI through a Practical Data Warehouse Reference Architecture red-arrow-box Oracle Partitioning in the Oracle Learning Library (OBEs)
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Presentations & Webcasts
red-arrow-box 6-part Webinar Series on Data Warehousing Best Practices
This new six-part series on best practices for data warehousing explains in detail the technologies available in the Oracle database to optimize every aspect of your data warehouse from schema design, to data loading, and query performance.
·  Third Normal Form Schema
·  Star Schema
·  Data Loading
·  Parallel Execution
·  Optimizer and Statistics Management
·  Partitioning
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