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Oracle Database 12c builds on the industry-leading scalability of earlier releases. Oracle's extensive parallel processing is at the heart of its scalability. Not only is parallelism central to data warehousing and query processing, it plays a key role in Oracle's ability to process large volumes of data.
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red-arrow-box Big Data - The latest buzz word in parallel computing is Big Data. Oracle has a very compelling solution for big data, but before you start building that solution, have a look at the information provided in this paper. Read more.
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red-arrow-box New! Big Data with Oracle (PDF) red-arrow-box Partition Wise Joins - Part I (blog)
red-arrow-box Oracle Database Parallel Execution Fundamentals (PDF) red-arrow-box Partition Wise Joins - Part II (blog)
red-arrow-box Parallel Execution and Workload Management for an Operational Data Warehouse (PDF) red-arrow-box Automatic Degree of Parallelism and Statement Queuing (blog)
red-arrow-box Auto DOP and Concurrency (blog)
red-arrow-box Effective Resource Utilization with In-Memory Parallel Execution (PDF)
red-arrow-box Performance Improvements using In-Memory Parallel Execution (PDF)
red-arrow-box Improving Batch Processing Speed Using In-Memory Parallel Execution (PDF)
red-arrow-box New!  Oracle and Hadoop Overview (PDF)
red-arrow-box Integrating Hadoop Data with Oracle Parallel Processing (PDF)  
red-arrow-box Best Practices for Automatic Degree of Parallelism

Best Practices for Automatic Degree of Parallelism

red-arrow-box Best Practices for Parallel Statement Queuing

Best Practices for Parallel Statement Queuing

red-arrow-box Understanding DW Workload Management

Understanding DW Workload Management

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