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Oracle Database 12c provides a comprehensive database platform for data warehousing and big data that combines industry-leading scalability and performance, deeply-integrated analytics, and embedded data integration and data-quality -- all in a single platform running on a reliable, low-cost grid infrastructure. Oracle Database 12c provides best-of-breed functionality for data warehouses and data marts, with robust partitioning functionality, proven scalability to 100's of TBs, and innovative query-processing optimizations. Oracle Database 12c also provides a uniquely integrated platform for analytics; by embedding OLAP, Data Mining, and statistical capabilities directly into the database, Oracle delivers all of the functionality of standalone analytic engines in a single scalable server. Oracle Database 12c is a true enterprise platform, providing advanced security, high availability, and self-managing capabilities for the most demanding data warehouses.

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine extends Oracle's solution by providing a complete, optimized hardware and software solution for high performance data warehousing, combining the Oracle Database 12c with Sun servers, and the highly-scalable Oracle Exadata storage technology. With Exadata technology, data is stored within a massively parallel storage grid purpose-built for database processing, delivering up to orders of magnitude gains in performance over traditional storage solutions. Simple and fast to implement, the Oracle Exadata  Database Machine is ready to tackle the largest and most important data warehouses with blazing performance.

   Oracle Database for Data Warehousing and Big Data
   Oracle Exadata Database Machine - Extreme Performance for the Data Warehouse
   Oracle Big Data Appliance - Big Data for the Enterprise

Data Warehouse Technology Areas

 Exadata and Database Machine
·  Overview of Oracle Exadata Storage Server
·  Database Machine Data Sheet
·  Exadata Storage Data Sheet
·  Partitioning with Oracle Database 12c
·  Partitioning Data Sheet
 Best Practices
·  Best practices for a Data Warehouse on Oracle Database
·  On-line Analytic Processing with Oracle Database
·  OLAP Data Sheet
 Query Optimization
·  SQL Plan Management in Oracle Database 12c
·  What to expect from the Optimizer in Oracle Database 12c
 Analytical SQL and Functions
·  SQL Pattern Matching: Patterns Everywhere - Find then fast!
 Advanced Analytics
·  Oracle R Enterprise
·  Oracle Data Mining
 Parallelism and Scalability
·  Parallel Execution Fundamentals in Oracle Database
·  Parallel Execution and Workload Management for an Operational Data Warehouse
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 Communications Data Model - Data Sheet
 Retail Data Model - Data Sheet
 Utilities Data Model - Data Sheet


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