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As today's enterprises embrace big data, their information architectures are evolving. The new information architecture in the big data era embraces emerging technologies such as Hadoop, but at the same time leverages the core strengths of previous data warehouse architectures. The data warehouse, built upon Oracle Database 12c and Exadata, will continue to be the primary analytic database for storing much of a company’s core transactional data: financial records, customer data, point- of-sale data and so forth. The data warehouse will be augmented by a big-data system (built upon Oracle Big Data Appliance), which functions as a ‘data reservoir’. This will be the repository for the new sources of large volumes of data: machine-generated log files, social-media data, and videos and images -- as well as a repository for more granular transactional data or older transactional data which is not stored in the data warehouse. Data flows between the big data system and the data warehouse to create a unified foundation: the Oracle Big Data Management System.

The Oracle Big Data Management System is built upon the foundations of the Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle Exadata, and the Oracle Big Data Appliance. Oracle Database 12c provides industry-leading scalability and performance, deeply-integrated analytics, and advanced workload management –- all in a single platform running on Exadata. Oracle Big Data Appliance is a high-performance, secure platform for running diverse workloads on Hadoop and NoSQL systems. These two systems seamlessly inter-operate via Oracle Big Data SQL --  Oracle's unique software which allows transparent SQL access across both Exadata and Big Data Appliance.

The transition from the Enterprise Data Warehouse centric architecture to the Big Data Management System - both on-premise, on the Cloud, or in hybrid Cloud systems - is going to revolutionize any companies information management architecture. Oracle's Statement of Direction for Big Data and Data Warehouse Management Systems is outlining Oracle's vision to deliver innovative new technologies for building the information architecture of tomorrow.

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