Oracle Database Cloud
Public Database Cloud

The Public Cloud leverages existing technologies and best practices to deliver Oracle Database Technologies to any customer utilizing Oracle’s secure and optimized cloud-computing platform. The Public Cloud contains a number of platform services that are the same proven technologies that has made Oracle the world’s #1 provider of database management software.

Oracle Database Cloud Service

Oracle Database Cloud Service offers a choice of different editions. All editions are the same code that runs with Oracle Database on-premises but with the Oracle Database Cloud Service, database options are bundled to meet your needs. The Oracle Database Cloud Service also includes cloud tooling that will make any user as proficient as a seasoned Oracle DBA. Learn More.

Oracle Database Schema Service

The Oracle Database Schema Service delivers a fully managed database with HTTP and JDBC access. The schema service is focused on APEX and REST based rapid application development and deployment. The schema service is a monthly service that is available in a number of sizes. Learn More.

Oracle Database Backup Service

The Oracle Database Backup Service is a secure, scalable, on-demand storage solution for backing up any Oracle database to the public cloud. The Oracle Database Backup Service will complement existing backup strategies while providing off-site storage in the cloud. Learn More

Oracle Database Cloud Tools

Connect to the Oracle Cloud with the oracle-dbcs-cli utility to perform a variety of life-cycle and administration operations on your Oracle Database Cloud Service instances. Download it here.