Patches for Berkeley DB XML version 2.4.13

  1. Consolidated patch for 2.4 support issues (SRs):
    • [#16177] - Fixed problem in the XmlQueryContext copy constructor where the XmlManager object was not being copied.
    • [#16179] - Fixed a problem where an XmlValue.getAttributes() call on an XmlValue object that was not the result of a query (e.g. directly from an XmlDocument) could result in an error.
    • [#16180] - Fixed a problem in the BDB XML XQuery Extension function dbxml:node-to-handle() where it could return an exception/error when attempting to create a handle for an attribute node.
    • [#16181] - Fixed a bug in query optimization which resulted in exponential query preparation time increases as the number of negative predicates used was increased.
    • [#16186] - Fixed a problem where it was not possible to open a container using the DB_RDONLY flag.
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  2. Consolidated patch for 2.4 support issues (SRs):
    • [#16206] - Fixed the generation of an incorrect query plan for a numeric predicate in a where clause, and a memory corruption when JIT optimizing a DecisionPointQP nested inside another DecisionPointQP.
    • [#16230] - Fixed a query problem where expressions starting with "/" would succeed on XML without a document node (e.g. constructed XML) when they should fail.
    • [#16236] - Fixed a Java-specific problem where some context queries against constructed XML could cause a SIGSEGV.
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