Berkeley DB 2.7.3 Change Log

Interface Additions and Changes:

  1. This release includes support for nested transactions. No interface changes were required.

  2. This release includes support for Berkeley DB as an XA Resource Manager. There is an additional C interface, db_xa_open, and a corresponding C++ method, Db::xa_open.

    XA support is not yet fully tested.

    No Windows XA interface is included.

Configuration and Build Changes:

  1. FreeBSD systems are now built using the flags -D_THREAD_SAFE and -pthread instead of directly loading with the -lc_r library.

  2. Linux systems are now built using the -D_REENTRANT flag.

Additional Changes:

  1. The default memory pool cache size has been increase from 128K to 256K.

Additional Bug Fixes:

  1. Freeing memory allocated by the TCL library historically failed on Windows platforms, due to a mismatch of malloc/free implementations between the TCL library and the Berkeley DB module. (This change only affects the Berkeley DB test suite.)