Interface Changes introduced in DB 2.3.14:

  1. There was a mismatch in previous releases of DB between the documented interface to lock_detect(3) (or DbLockTab::detect()) and the DB software. This mismatch was resolved in favor of the source code. Any software that uses this interface should be checked to make sure that the second argument is the "flags" argument, and the third argument is the "atype" argument. This change may NOT be transparent to applications.

  2. There is an new DB interface, db_value_set(), described in db_internal(3). The only purpose of the db_value_set() interface in the DB 2.3.14 release is to permit applications to set the number of spins that mutexes will make before blocking, when a mutex is not immediately available. This is intended to permit applications on multi-CPU architectures a finer granularity of control over mutexes. As with db_jump_set(), db_value_set() is only available from the C API, and is expected to be used by few applications.

  3. We've added a Java API for DB. The Java API should be considered a beta release, and therefore more subject to change than normal. We would very much appreciate email on any comments and/or experiences you have in using the DB Java API!

    The Java files and directories in the source distribution are:

    db/java/src/com/sleepycat/dbThe Java API
    db/java/READMEInformation on building the Java API.
    db/man/man.html/index_java.htmlThe Java API manual pages (available only in HTML).
    db/java/src/com/sleepycat/examples/The example programs recoded in Java.
    db/libdb_javaSources to build the libdb_java shared library.