Berkeley DB 2.7.7 Change Log

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fix potential races in updating checkpoint buffer counts that can cause checkpoint calls to never finish.

  2. Fix for XA support, allows two-phase commit processing to work.

  3. Fix a recovery bug when database files are opened/closed multiple times in the same session.

  4. Change file descriptor usage to permit Sendmail's fcntl(2) locking scheme.

  5. Fix ANSI C++ usage to avoid GNU gcc-2.95 warning messages.

  6. If there are a sufficient number of threads competing for limited numbers of pages, it's possible to split Btree pages too many times, and cause a core dump.

  7. Fix a case where it was possible for EAGAIN to not be returned from the database get-by-key interface.

  8. Ignore log records not involved in transactions so that actions taken outside of transactions are not undone during recovery.

  9. Fix a memory pool race during buffer discard in memory tight environments.

Other Changes:

  1. Update the Berkeley DB release version numbers from 2.7.5 to 2.7.7.