Patches for Berkeley DB XML version 2.4.16

  1. Consolidated patch for 2.4 support issues (SRs): 16491, 16556, 16565, 16593, 16595, 16608, 16617, 16626, 16628, 16677, 16678, 16722. This patch must be applied to an unpatched version of Berkeley DB XML 2.4.16.

    • [#16491] - Fixed a problem where documents could lose their name (from the name index database) after calls to XmlContainer.updateDocument().
    • [#16556] - Fixed an assertion triggered when using a predicate against a variable containing constructed nodes.
    • [#16565] - Fixed a static initialization problem that appears on some Windows platforms related to NsNid and results in an exception during XmlManager construction.
    • [#16593] - Fixed a bug where constructed documents could not be created from an XmlInputStream.
    • [#16595] - The Java garbage collector will no longer destory XmlResolver objects while the object is still needed.
    • [#16608] - XmlValues created from an empty document will no longer crash on calls to certain functions.
    • [#16617] - XmlInputStream will no longer cause a crash or print garbage if the XmlDocument it came from is deleted. Also, XmlDocument.getContentAsXmlInputStream() will now always consume the content of constructed documents.
    • [#16626] - Fixed a bug in the Python bindings for XmlEventWriter::writeText()
    • [#16628] - Fixed exception class constructors for XmlDatabaseError and XmlException. Arguments were out of order.
    • TAR #316677 - The flags DBXML_ENCRYPT and DBXML_CHKSUM will no longer result in an exception even when used correctly.
    • [#16678] - Modified interfaces that can legitimately return a NULL value (in C++ or Java) to return None in Python.
    • [#16722] Updating a node selected using the query . (a single '.' character) will no longer result in an exception or crash when using the Java API.
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