Oracle Database Lite Tutorials and Samples


 Build a Win32 Disconnected Mobile database application
How to develop offline mobile database applications for Window32 systems using Oracle Database Lite. The tutorial focuses on creation and provisioning of data subsets to mobile and disconnected users. View Tutorial.
 Develop a Windows CE Disconnected Mobile application.
This document describes how to build a Visual Basic application using the Oracle Database Lite ADOCE interface for Pocket PC. It enables you to implement offline mobile applications for the Pocket PC using Oracle Database Lite. It provides you with the complete framework to build, deploy, and manage offline mobile applications. View Tutorial.
 Develop a offline, Web-based Disconnected Mobile application
This tutorial guides you through how to create, deploy, and use an ADF/BC4J application. View Tutorial.


 Sample application with code for Database Lite
These sample applications and code help developers and illustrate how to use ADO.NET, J2ME, JDBC, ODBC, mSync, and Queue Based synchronization in Database Lite disconnected and mobile applications. Download Samples.