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Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode:
Near-Zero Downtime Migration Model

Updated: October 2011


For mission-critical production systems, limiting the migration downtime window requirement to a minimum is always a top consideration. The DMU presentation at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 – "Near-Zero Downtime Unicode Migration with Oracle Database Migration Assistant for Unicode" – introduces a mechanism to achieve near-zero downtime migration by leveraging Oracle DMU and Streams technology. Below are the links to the presentation and a separate step-by-step document that illustrates the procedure in more details along with proof-of-concept sample scripts.
Presentation Files
  Presentation 1 (PDF)
  Presentation 2 (PDF)
Step-by-Step Document
  Near-Zero Downtime DB Character Set Migration - Proof of Concept (PDF)
Sample Scripts
  Near-Zero Downtime DB Character Set Migration - Scripts (tar+gzip)


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