Oracle Multimedia Plug-ins for RealNetworks Streaming Servers on Linux and Windows

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The Oracle Multimedia Plug-in 3.0 for RealNetworks Streaming Servers allows RealNetworks servers to stream multimedia content to a client directly from an Oracle Database. The plug-in is installed in the RealServer directory and defined in the RealServer configuration file. An HTML extension to the RealSystem Administrator application is included to configure the Oracle plugin. The Administrator extension allows a user to inspect, define and edit file system mount points that map to media content in an Oracle Database. A RealPlayer client requests media content with a URL, which contains the information needed to select the multimedia data from the database.

 Download the Kit for Windows (NT/XP)     16-July-2008
 Download the Kit for Linux     16-July-2008
  View Readme     16-July-2008
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