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  • Exposing the myths behind managing multimedia in Oracle Marcelle Kratochvil's, of Picton, article which appeared in the Fall 2013 edition of the Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group's publication RMOUG SQL>Update. In this article the author views the Oracle Database as an object/relational database and debunks 7 myths surrounding storing unstructured data in the Oracle Database. (PDF 66KB)
  • Oracle® Database 11g Customer Adoption Continues Customers select Oracle Database 11g to improve application performance, lower IT costs, and scale to meet data growth requirements. OraclePress Release (HTML)

    "Our customers demand a high performance platform with 100 percent uptime," said Peter Summermatter, CEO, i-engineers. "For years now, we've been building our solutions on Oracle Database so it was natural that we selected Oracle Database 11g with the DICOM functionality for our health engine solution."

  • Melbourne Health and BioGrid Australia Turn to New Database to Host Medical Images Melbourne Health hosts the information technology infrastructure for a unique health service offered by BioGrid Australia....BioGrid Australia recently made available a set of historical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) images from the past 15 years which had only been available on archival tapes, to help researchers understand how to treat epilepsy. However, the organization had no database or associated infrastructure that could cope with the specific image types or privacy requirements of the new service. After evaluating several solutions, BioGrid Australia selected Oracle Database 11g to host and manage data used by the service. Oracle Customer Case Study (PDF 56KB)
  • Melbourne Health Consolidates 1000 DAT Tapes Into a Single Database "...researchers wanted BioGrid to consolidate 12 years worth of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans from 1000 DAT tapes - representing two terabytes of data - into one single database, and to convert the images from proprietary MRI to DICOM files." (HTML)

    "The DICOM datatype as part of the offerings in Oracle 11g were extremely advantageous to the advancement of this project,"...

    Time In Business: Healthcare (Video)

    Managing DICOM data in Oracle Database 11g (Podcast)

  • AstraZeneca Streamlines and Integrates Clinical Image Data with Oracle® Database 10g Oracle announces that AstraZeneca, a leading pharmaceutical company, deployed Oracle(r) Database 10g as the foundation for a new clinical image repository designed to help it manage and improve access to multiple terabytes of life sciences and medical images used in the clinical trial process. The new repository will also help AstraZeneca streamline regulatory compliance and clinical trial efficiency and make best use of the imaging data and investments in imaging studies. Press Release (HTML)
  • Melbourne Health Builds Networked Images Database Oracle's 11g grid database which has native support for the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard for medical images helps Melbourne health build a networked images database. ComputerWorld Article (HTML)
  • DICOM Image Support Ken Weber, CIO for the United States Army, Institute of Surgical Research, describes the impact for the US Army Burn Center, of Oracle Multimedia's DICOM support. Quote (HTML)
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