Oracle Multimedia—Customer Quote

Ken Weber of the United States Army, Institute of Surgical Research Talking About interMedia (Oracle Multimedia)

The US Army Burn Center is a leading research organization in the treatment of burns and other trauma. Our teams rely on photos, large text files, video and audio data, and radiological modalities to support their research projects. With Oracle Database 10g Release 2, interMedia [Multimedia] DICOM image support will make storage of the images very easy. Instead of having to write many lines of PL/SQL we will be able to invoke simple methods to process the images. DICOM format support gives us the ability to call up any metadata associated with an image for searching, analysis or display. By storing all these images in an Oracle database and using Oracle's powerful tools for searching image metadata, our teams will be far more productive.

Ken Weber—CIO, United States Army, Institute of Surgical Research