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  • Mandy Ho Interviews Marcelle Kratochvil, CTO at Oracle Multimedia Partner Piction, Oracle ACE Director—Marcelle Kratochivil, Ace Director and CTO of Piction Digital Image systems talks about why Oracle Database is best for storing and handling unstructured data. Marcelle shares her experiences of working with unstructured data, particularly in the age of social media and new sources for media data. She talks about how Oracle Database has helped her customers meet storage, scalability and security requirements. Oracle OpenWorld 2012 (mp3)
  • The i-Engineers discuss a cutting edge, health solution using the DICOM support feature in Oracle Database 11g—Peter Summermatter, CEO and founder of TiE, the i-Engineers from Zurich, Switzerland, drops by the OTN lounge at Oracle Open World 2011 to discuss how nearly 50% of hospitals in Switzerland have implemented the Health Engine, designed by TiE and Oracle. Learn how Peter used Oracle Database 11g and the Multimedia feature to design the Health Engine solution and manage DICOM-enabled patient records. (mp3)
  • Using Oracle Database 11g for DICOM Medical Image Management—Learn how IBIS uses Oracle Database 11g as the foundation of an enterprise data management system that provides direct and immediate access to and control over DICOM clinical image data. Guest speaker Tony O'Sullivan, VP of Operations at IBIS, discusses the benefits achieved by deploying this solution at leading pharmaceutical companies. (mp3)
  • Managing DICOM data in Oracle Database 11g—"...researchers wanted BioGrid to consolidate 12 years worth of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans from 1000 DAT tapes - representing two terabytes of data - into one single database, and to convert the images from proprietary MRI to DICOM files." (mp3)

    “The DICOM datatype as part of the offerings in Oracle 11 g were extremely advantageous to the advancement of this project,”...

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  • Using DICOM in Oracle Database 11 g to Manage Healthcare Records—Attend this podcast to learn how the i-engineers have DICOM-enabled patient health records using the MultiMedia feature of Oracle Database 11 g in their health-engine content management system. Guest speaker Roger Tanner, the i-engineers? Project Manager, discusses the benefits achieved by deploying this solution in Spital Netz Bern, a network of Swiss regional hospitals.(mp3)

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