Oracle NoSQL Database

Oracle NoSQL Database is a scalable, distributed NoSQL database, designed to provide highly reliable, flexible and available data management across a configurable set of storage nodes.

Data can be modeled as relational-database-style tables, JSON documents or key-value pairs. Oracle NoSQL Database is a sharded (shared-nothing) system which distributes the data uniformly across the multiple shards in the cluster, based on the hashed value of the primary key. Within each shard, storage nodes are replicated to ensure high availability, rapid failover in the event of a node failure and optimal load balancing of queries. NoSQL Database provides Java, C, Python and node.js drivers and a REST API to simplify application development. NoSQL Database is integrated with a wide variety of related Oracle and open source applications in order to simplify and streamline the development and deployment of modern big data applications. NoSQL Database is dual-licensed and available as an open-source community edition as well as a commercially licensed Enterprise Edition.

  • Oracle NoSQL Database (4.2) is now available for download (Click Here). Highlights include:
    • Arbiters – Provides lower cost high availability options
    • Contraction –Supports elastic shrinking of the cluster
    • Password Complexity – Enables administrators to set up policies that enforce strong user passwords
    • Storage Size Based Topology Layout - Allows the disks to be optimally utilized on a system
    • Load Utility Performance Enhancement – Increases the performance of loading data from multiple databases.

  • Oracle NoSQL Database (4.0)  is now available for download (Click Here) . Highlights include:
    • Time-To-Live - age out expired data.
    • SQL Query - Declarative query language for developers
    • Predicate Pushdown - Process predicates from Big Data SQL in Oracle NoSQL Database
    • Import/Export - backup and restore your data or move between various Oracle NoSQL Database stores
    • Full Text Search - perform full text search using Elastic Search
  • Oracle NoSQL Database was released late in 2015. This release can be downloaded (Click Here). Major features include
    • Kerberos integration for external authentication. This allows for Oracle NoSQL Database to be easilty integrated with customers' existing applications where are already protected by Kerberos.
    • Bulk Put API - this new API allows for the customer to perform Bulk Put operations for both rows and Key/Value inserts in a single API call.
  • NTT Docomo launches Digital Marketplace application using Oracle NoSQL Database (video | slides)
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