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For over three decades, Oracle's Database technology has led the industry in performance and scalability. Oracle Databases power a majority of the world's most demanding environments and continue to build an all-around lead across various industry standard benchmarks. Oracle Database 11g extends this lead even further by introducing capabilities that fully leverage the latest hardware innovations to help customers meet the unprecedented demands being placed on their IT infrastructure. Read on to know more about the latest Oracle Database performance and scalability features, learn expert tuning methodologies, and review competitive information.

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Technical Information

 Enabling Oracle Database Smart Flash Cache for Oracle Enterprise Linux
 Database Instance Caging: A Simple Approach to Server Consolidation PDF
 Optimizing Storage in SAP with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 PDF
 Oracle Advanced Compression Helps Global Fortune 500 Company Meet Storage Savings Initiative PDF
 Using Oracle Database Resource Manager PDF
 Guide for Developing High-Performance Database Applications PDF
 Parallel Execution Fundamentals in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 PDF
 Oracle Advanced Compression with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 PDF
 Performance Improvement of entire Data Warehouse system on NEC Express5800/Scalable HA Server by using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 In-Memory Parallel Query PDF
 Database Performance and Scalability with Oracle Database 11g Release 1 PDF
 SecureFiles Performance with Oracle Database 11g Release 1 PDF
 Ingest, Scale and Manage Data Explosion using Oracle SecureFiles on a LSI 7900 Storage Array PDF
 SQL Plan Management in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 PDF
 SQL Performance Analyzer in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 PDF
 Oracle Direct NFS Client with Oracle Database 11g Release 1 PDF
 In-Memory Database Cache Data Sheet PDF
 Using Oracle In-Memory Database Cache to Accelerate the Oracle Database (Technical Whitepaper) PDF



Oracle OpenWorld Presentations

 Oracle Advanced Compression: Deep Dive into OLTP Table Compression (2010) PDF  
 Oracle Advanced Compression – Reduce Storage, Reduce Costs, Increase Performance (2010) PDF  
 Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression: The Next-Generation Compression Technology (2010) PDF  
 Oracle E-Business Suite Performance with Real Application Clusters & Advanced Compression (2010) PDF  
 Oracle Advanced Compression: Reduce Storage, Reduce Costs, Increase Performance (2009) PDF  
 Database File System (DBFS) and SecureFiles (2009) PDF  
 Oracle Database 11g: Next Generation Performance and Scalability (2008) PDF  
 Oracle Advanced Compression: Throw Away Half Your Disks and Run Your Database Faster (2008) PDF  
 Boost Your Database Performance 10x with SecureFiles (2008) PDF  
 Running Oracle Database on Flash: Insights From Oracle Development (2008) PDF  
 Advanced Compression in Oracle Database 11g (2007) PDF  
 Secure Files - Next Generation Data Management (2007) PDF  
 Oracle Database 11g Direct NFS Client (2007) PDF  
 Real World Performance: Current Trends in Database Performance (2007) PDF  
 Real World Performance: When to Use Appropriate Technology (2007) PDF  
 Detecting Performance Problems Accurately and Quickly: Essential Diagnostics Techniques for Oracle Database 11 g (2007) PDF  
 SQL Plan Management: New Approach for Providing SQL Performance Stability in Oracle Database 11 g (2007) PDF  
 DBAs' New Best Friend: Advanced SQL Tuning Features of Oracle Database 11 g (2007) PDF  
 Using Active Session History for Performance Tuning: Advanced Topics in Performance Diagnostics (2007) PDF  
 Best Practices for Performance of Oracle Database on Windows(2007) PDF  
 In-Memory Database Caching Technology and Customer Deployment Use Cases (2007) PDF  
 Oracle Active Data Guard: What They Didn't Print in the Manuals (2007) PDF  


 Direct NFS Client (
 11g Top Features: Adaptive Cursor & SQL Plan Management
 11g Top Features: SQL Access Advisor
 11g Top Features: SQL Performance Analyzer
 11g Top Features: Caching & Pooling
 11g Top Features: Partitioning
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 Database Warehouse Scalability
 Database Resident Connection Pools
 In-Memory Database Cache
 Results Cache
 Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array TCO Calculator

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