The R Community

What is R?

R is a powerful and extensible open source programming language and environment supporting data exploration, statistical computing, and advanced analytics. R is freely available for download from the R-project. The R ecosystem has millions of R users worldwide with thousands of contributors who volunteer to maintain, support, and enhance R.

How is R used?

R is actively used across a wide spectrum of applications and industries:

 ·  Customer segmentation
 ·  Response modeling
 ·  Recommend products
 ·  Profile high value customers
 ·  Credit scoring
 ·  Probability of default
 ·  Customer profitability
 ·  Customer targeting
Higher Education
 ·  Alumni donations
 ·  Student acquisition
 ·  Student retention
 ·  At-risk student identification
Life Sciences
 ·  Drug discovery & interaction
 ·  Factors in (un)healthy patients
 ·  Cancer cell classification
 ·  Drug safety surveillance
 ·  Risk factor identification
 ·  Claims fraud
 ·  Customer Lifetime Value
 ·  Policy bundling
 ·  Employee retention
 ·  Patient procedure recommendation
 ·  Patient outcome prediction
 ·  Fraud detection
 ·  Doctor & nurse note analysis
 ·  Customer churn
 ·  Identify cross-sell opportunities
 ·  Network intrusion detection
 ·  Root cause analysis of defects
 ·  Warranty analysis
 ·  Reliability analysis
 ·  Yield analysis
Public Sector
 ·  Taxation fraud and anomalies
 ·  Crime analysis
 ·  Pattern recognition in military surveillance
 ·  Feature bundling
 ·  Supplier quality analysis
 ·  Problem diagnosis
 ·  New compound discovery
 ·  Molecule clustering
 ·  Product yield analysis
 · Predict powerline / equipment failure
 · Energy demand forecasting
 · Consumer fraud detection

Community Resources

A testament to R's success is the rich set of resources and discussions available on the web. Whether your searching for simple visualization techniques (search "R visualization") or advanced analytics algorithms (search "R machine learning"), you'll find plenty of help to get you started and take you to the next level.

Around the world, R users come together on a weekly basis at R user group events to share their experience with R and learn. Q&A sites such as R help and Stack Overflow, and blog sites like R-bloggers offer a wide range of resources to get answers to your questions.

Download R

In less than the time it takes to read this page, you can download and install open source R on your laptop! The R environment makes it easy to learn about contributed packages and functions with online documentation and sample code. Platform support for open source R includes Unix, Linux, Windows, and OS X platforms.
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