Oracle ODBC Driver for Rdb

The Oracle ODBC Driver for Rdb enables Microsoft[R] Windows, Windows 95[R], Windows NT[R], Windows XP[R] and Windows Vista[R] applications that implement the Microsoft Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) API to read from and write to Oracle Rdb databases and database accessible through the Oracle DB Integrator family of gateways.

The Oracle ODBC Driver for Rdb distribution kit includes all of the database client software required to allow an ODBC-enabled application to access Oracle Rdb. The kit consists of Dynamic Link Libraries, a Windows help file, a copy of the license and this product description. In addition to the ODBC-enabled application and the Oracle ODBC Driver for Rdb, a network transport is required on the client.
This product is installed by the Microsoft Windows Installer, a completely different technology from that used by previous V3 releases of the Oracle ODBC Driver for RDB.

Click here to download the Oracle Rdb ODBC kit.