Storage Management

Oracle Database provides cost-effective, optimized storage management for all your data. Oracle minimizes costly I/O operations, reduces required storage capacity, and maximizes performance and utilization. Storage can be automatically managed, and optimizations transparently implemented.

Storage Management Technology Areas

Advanced Compression Exadata
Automatic Storage Management partitioning Partitioning
Oracle Cloud File System (ACFS)  

Related Technologies

Oracle SAN Storage Sun NAS Storage
Sun Flash Storage



Oracle has a very active research organization (Oracle Labs) that is charged to 'Identify, explore, and transfer new technologies that have the potential to substantially improve Oracle's business'. One part of the organization is the External Research Office (ERO). The ERO is charged to ' ... invest in research collaborations that fit Oracle's long-term strategic goals. These collaborations are between university researchers and engineers/researchers throughout Oracle's various organizations'. The ERO webpage lists numerous current and past collaborations. Oracle provides funds and direct interactions with highly experienced developers.

If you are interested in the ERO program please contact Steve Jeffreys at

If you would like to explore opportunities for a research collaboration with the database team please contact Dieter Gawlick at

or Garret Swart at
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