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Oracle XBRL Extension leverages the XML DB feature of Oracle Database to provide an Enterprise class solution for collecting, storing, querying, analyzing, and managing XBRL content. It adds support for XBRL storage in the Oracle Database, allowing organizations to reliably and securely store, query and manage large volumes of XBRL content. When it is integrated with a 3rd party XBRL Processing Engine, Oracle XBRL Extension supports end-to-end processing and validation of XBRL content on the way into or out of the Oracle Database. In short, Oracle XBRL Extension allows creators and consumers of XBRL content to develop, deploy, and manage applications that leverage all the benefits of the XBRL model.

 Currently in its second release, the XBRL Extension to Oracle Database software is available for download from the Oracle Support web site as a patch file. Once you are logged in to MOS, the latest version of the XBRL extension for Oracle XML DB can be downloaded by clicking on the "Patches & Updates" tab and searching for patch 13347017. Please view MOS KB article 1547380.2 for more details about installing the XBRL extension.
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Technical Information

 Querying, Analyzing, and Managing Large Volumes of XBRL Filings (PDF) May 2011
 Oracle XBRL Extension Datasheet (PDF) Jan 2011
 Oracle XBRL Extension Technical White Paper (PDF) Jan 2011
 Oracle XBRL Extension Overview Presentation (PDF) Jan 2011
 XBRL Repository – An Industrial approach of Management of XBRL Documents (PDF) Mar 2010

News Articles

 As Regulations Tighten, Oracle Releases New XBRL Extension for Oracle Database Apr 2011
 Oracle EPM Blog - The Other Side of XBRL Feb 2011
 Oracle XBRL Extension Ready for Download Jan 2011

Demos and Technology Preview Downloads

 Oracle XBRL Extension Demo Viewlet Download Jan 2010

Third Party Vendor Software Integration

 Unlocking XBRL Content - An Oracle & UBmatrix Joint White Paper (PDF) Sep 2009
 UBmatrix Processing Engine Software for Oracle XBRL Extension

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