OLAP Newsletter Customer Feature Apr 08

Auchan, Russia have implemented a BI solution incorporating Oracle Portal which leverages Oracle OLAP via SQL. It's been in use since the summer of 2007 for the hypermarket chain all over Russia. Auchan Russia is the Russian arm of the large, established Auchan French supermarket chain.

Business Benefits :

Middle and Top Managers in the Sales and Purchasing departments access interactive reports via the Portal for sales and performance analysis. The Management team can analyze stock and sales information such as assortment and pricing policies across stores to manage inventory better. They can analyze the impact of missing items so that stock can be controlled on all shop floors, thus improving sales and profitability. The Sales department analyze the impact of returns and writeoffs.

Now, the solution is being extended to sales floor employees (already used on the floor by managers). New areas of analysis are also being developed, such as further stock and financial analysis.

The Technical Solution:

Oracle Database with OLAP Option and Oracle Portal are used. Query performance, using standard SQL is very good with most interactive reports returning in under a second. Batch reporting 'jobs' take less than 10 seconds. Around 700 users are registered to the system, with most accessing on a daily basis.There are 3-4 dimensions for the 5 cubes (which contain 20 stored measures and 60 formulas), with up to 300,000 members in a dimension. The scope of this model may grow considerably in the subsequent release that is planned. Additionally, reports previously provided by the now obsolete Oracle (Express) Financial Analyzer are planned to be created in the next release.

Navitech, the commercial subsidiary of Informatom Company implemented the solution.

Kirill Boyko, IT Project Manager for Marketing, Finance and Data Warehouse states:

"We chose the Oracle OLAP solution because it was a simple solution integrated into the Database, which we already use for our Data Warehouse and other applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite . Not only is the solution simple in its integration, but it's simple and reasonable in cost, simple to implement and simple to use. Users find it really easy to create complex calculations and understand information. We are very satisfied with performance, scalability and capabilities of this solution."

About Auchan:

Auchan Russia is the Russian arm of the Auchan French supermarket chain who have over 1000 hypermarkets, mostly in Europe. There are 18 Auchan hypermarkets in Russia, mostly in the Moscow region; they also trade through supermarket ATAK. Auchan provide good quality products for cheaper than normal market prices. Independant retailers also trade within Auchan; the Auchan goal is to grow globally with more and more shareholders in this hypermarket enterprise.



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