OLAP Newsletter Customer Feature Feb 08

Bissantz & Company is a software vendor based in Germany, who specializes in data analysis and visualization in the areas of management information and Business Intelligence.Their flagship product, Deltmaster, provides a unique visual experience when driving in depth analysis and creating reports based on multidimensional data. DeltaMaster leverages data from many sources including Oracle OLAP. Bissantz describe their approach as "combining the ability of modern computers to explore large volumes of data with the unsurpassed talent of human beings to intuitively recognize and evaluate patterns''. They won the Innovation Award of the German Society of Computer Science for this product in 2007. The unique user interface of Deltamaster features visual objects such as cockpits, sparklines, graphic tables, analytic see and go, geo analysis and virtual hierarchies. It enables business users to gain a much clearer understanding of presented information, particularly when exploring large volumes of data, such as in a Data Warehouse environment.

Michael Westphal, CTO Bissantz & Company states "Due to the analytical capabilities and performance of Oracle OLAP we can provide high-end analytical-reporting and visualisation for customers with DeltaMaster.



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