OLAP Newsletter Customer Feature Jan 07

BNP Paribas, one of the worlds largest banks by market capitalisation, has implemented a near real-time OLAP daily time-series data and analysis solution. This solution stores over 3 billion data values within multiple OLAP cubes across several geographical locations.

Technical Solution:

The solution comprises Oracle 10g utilising Oracle OLAP and data access tools for Traders and Quant Analysts. It has been developed using simple DML queries via JDBC. Most of the OLAP calculations, written in DML, have a query time ranging from sub-second to just a few seconds, for the most complex analytics.

Users access the Analytic Workspace through a custom Web Services front end as well as customised spreadsheet applications. The architecture itself was straightforward to implement and the in-depth statistics underlying the architecture are completely invisible to the user. The system supports the retrieval of market data, as well as stored formula, customised functions and complex user generated formula.

Over 10 million rows of data are loaded and aggregated continuously throughout each day and the system processes over 20 million data requests per day from over 4000 users.

Cyrus Kapadia, manager of the implementation team at BNP Paribas states, ‘The advantages of Oracle 10g’s scalability, reliability, ease of maintenance, performance and an industry standard analytical query language made it the natural choice to replace our existing system’.


About BNP Paribas:

BNP Paribas is a European leader in banking and financial services, and ranks among the world's top 15 banks by market capitalization and total assets. It has more than 140 000 employees, 110 000 of whom are based in Europe. The group occupies leading positions in three significant fields of activity: Corporate and Investment Banking, Asset Management & Services and Retail Banking. It is present in 85 countries and has a strong presence in all the key financial centres. Present throughout Europe, in all its business lines, France and Italy are its two domestic markets in retail banking. BNP Paribas enjoys a significant and growing presence in the United States and leading positions in Asia and in emerging markets. www.bnpparibas.com

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