Connection Manager Overview 

Oracle Connection Manager is a multipurpose networking solution that offers increased scalability, multiprotocol connectivity and
secure network access control. It offers the following features to Oracle network: 

  • Connection multiplexing 
  • Access control 
  • Source routing 
  • Multiprotocol Support 
  • Firewall Proxy Support

Oracle Connection Manager enables large numbers of users to connect to a single server by acting as a connection concentrator to
"funnel" multiple client database sessions across a single network connection. This is done through multiplexed network connections,
a networking feature included with Oracle Net. Oracle Connection Manager reduces operating system resource requirements by
minimizing the number of network connections made to a server. Network bottlenecks are thus avoided and system scalability
significantly increases so that thousands of users can now access a single database.

Oracle Net and Firewall
Oracle is currently working with key firewall vendors to provide support specifically for database network traffic. With the
availability of the Oracle Net Application Proxy Kit, firewall partners are now able to provide the support in Oracle environments necessary to deploy truly distributed Internet and Intranet applications. If they meet all the requirements, prospective firewall partners may obtain the Oracle Net Application Proxy Kit free of charge. 

There are two categories of firewall that Oracle supports. The first category comprises Oracle Net Proxy based firewall, such as Secure Computing Gauntlet or Symantec Raptor firewall products. The second category encompasses firewall that perform stateful packet inspection, such as Check Point Firewall-1 and Cisco PIX Firewall.