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Oracle Database 11g Release 1 ( UCP Download

UCP is Universal Connection Pool, a new database feature included in Oracle database 11g, Oracle database 11.2.0.x and Oracle AS 11g R1. This works with any java based connections, e.g., JDBC, JCA, LDAP. This is packaged as ucp.jar and should be included in the classpath.
1. Unlike Implicit Connection Cache, UCP is not co-located with the JDBC driver, as it pools all types of connections
2. UCP support any database (specific adapter), any application server (pluggable), and stand-alone deployment (JDBC, Tomcat, Toplink/EclipseLink, etc)
3. UCP interacts with the driver/resource tier to create connections
4. UCP integrates seamlessly with RAC, Data Guard, and furnish fast Connection Failover, Runtime Connection Load Balancing, Workload Management (WLM), Connection Affinity, XA Affinity

Download ucp.jar - Classes to be included in the classpath for the universal connection pooling feature

Download ucpdemos.jar - contains sample connection pooling programs

Download - Universal Connection Pool Java API Reference, 11g Release 1


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