OLAP Newsletter Customer Feature Nov 07

E.ON is the world's largest investor-owned energy service provider with presence in European and US markets.

E.ON UK have implemented applications to allow improved understanding of power demand, revenues and margins. A number of these applications use Oracle OLAP as the core technology for the analytical capabilities as well as for the important centralised features. Oracle is the database standard at EON UK and DBAs have great interest in the central administration capabilities that OLAP now offers, as well as the scalability and performance that has been achieved. The applications involve sophisticated analysis, forecasting and also write back capability which needs to be fast to allow for real time analysis; Oracle OLAP has fitted the bill in all aspects.

The first application has been in use for approx 2 months for 20 users; the further 7 applications will be added to full production in the coming months.

Technical Solution:

The solution comprises Oracle Database 10g with OLAP option with OracleBI Beans and SQL access. The application is very sophisticated with hundreds of cubes and dimensions; with approx 60 users having access to the data. This data under AW management is over 1 Terabyte in size.

Most cubes have 6-12 dimensions and data is collected and reported at the day level. There are 8 different subject areas (different AWs and applications).

The cubes are updated weekly with many millions of rows loaded and aggregated.

Lawrence Edwards, the Project Manager responsible for the development of the entire application suite states that "Oracle OLAP has been the key enabler in collating and presenting data for our understanding of energy use and demand . The combined analytical power, centralised administration and scalability of Oracle OLAP in the Oracle database has allowed us to process and present data in a way that was not previously possible".

About E.ON:

E.ON are a worldwide company headquartered in Germany; last year they generated revuenues around 68 billion Euros and they have 80,000 employees. They aim to be the leading power and gas company in the world. They generate electricity in Europe and US; and end customers purchase through distribution companies such as LG&E in USA, and Powergen in the UK.



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