ILM Assistant FAQ



Where do I go for additional information on the ILM Assistant

Visit the ILM OTN web site:


Does the ILM Assistant require a separate license

No, it is included as part of Enterprise Edition


Will the ILM Assistant change anything in my Database

No, it only recommends changes and provides a script to complete the recommended task


Can I manage multiple databases using the ILM Assistant

No, the ILM Assistant will only manage one database at a time


Is the ILM Assistant part of Enterprise Manager

No it is a separate tool


What do I need to run the ILM Assistant

The ILM Assistant requires Oracle Application Express, formerly known as HTML DB.


Can any table be managed by the ILM Assistant

No, only tables range partitioned by date


Will the ILM Assistant automatically move data

In the initial release the ILM Assistant only recommends data to be moved and, if requested, will generate a script of the commands required to perform this task. This script can then be scheduled to execute from within Enterprise Manager.


Does the ILM Assistant delete data

No, it only recommends when it is time to delete data based on the lifecycle definintion


Will the ILM Assistant archive data

No, the ILM Assistant will only recommend when it is time to archive, it will not generate any script to perform this task.


Can VPD policies be created in the ILM Assistant

No, it will only show the VPD policies defined on tables managed by the ILM Assistant. However, you can view the definition of the policy in the ILM Assistant.


Which Audit records are visible in the ILM Assistant

Both Database and FGA (Fine-Grained Ausit) record are visible


Can I use the ILM Assistant if my table isn't Partitioned

Yes. Within the ILM Assistant, you can generate a script to show how to partition a table based on a lifecycle. Alternatively, you can simulate within the ILM Assistant what would happen if the table was partitioned and view the events that would occur during the lifetime of the data.


What cost saving information is available

The ILM Assistant will show the storage cost saving for all move and delete events and the total saving compared to if only one class of storage was used.


Will simulating partitioning affect other Oracle users and systems

No. When partitioning is being simulated on a table, no physical changes are made to the table. Therefore this behaviour is only visible from within the ILM Assistant because it records internally that the table has been partitioned. All other tools will continue to see this as an unpartitioned table.


Is there a cost for using the ILM Assistant

Today it is currently a free tool


Is the ILM Assistant integrated with any specific hardware

Yes. Whilst Oracle ILM works with any device that the database can see, specific integration has been put in ILM Assistant v1.2 to support NetApp Snaplock and Copan MAID devices


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