Oracle Scheduler

Oracle Scheduler is a feature of Oracle database. It enables users to schedule jobs running inside the database such as PL/SQL procedures or PL/SQL blocks as well as jobs running outside the database such as shell scripts. There are two interfaces for the Oracle Scheduler: a UI which is part of Enterprise Manager and an API (DBMS_SCHEDULER package). It is a free feature of the database.

Technical Information
 Oracle Scheduler Overview
 Oracle Scheduler Technical Whitepaper (PDF)
 Oracle Scheduler Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Oracle Scheduler Training
 Oracle by Example: Scheduling jobs
 Oracle by Example: Administering the Oracle Scheduler
 Oracle iLearning: Oracle 10g Scheduler - A Technical Overview (Duration 87 min) - Presentation + Demo
Oracle Scheduler Utilities
 File Arrival Package: The file arrival package enables a user to trigger jobs based on the arrival of a file in a specified directory
 Job Notification Package: The job notification package enables users to setup e-mail notification for jobs


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